Kids will not eat grain

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    We have two kids that were born May 7th. They were raised on a lambar (and are still on it). They are growing and looking good, but will not eat grain of any kind. We have tried alfalfa pellets, sweet feed, rice bran, oats, feedlot, etc. They won't eat any of it. They will only drink milk, water and eat hay and grass. Should I be concerned? Is there anything we can do to encourage them to eat? Can they live off of milk, water and hay alone? We are planning to wean them in August. Should we continue to give them milk if they still won't eat grain? Sorry for all the questions. We just want to make sure they grow good. Thanks, Tara
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    They just may not be hungry for it. Our babies the more milk they get the less grain they eat. When we cut them to twice a day feedings their grain and alfalfa uptake increases greatly.


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    And just start decreasing the amount of milk before weaning. If you wean kids in our heat out here before they are consuming enough water and calories they will fail. And quit giving them soo many options. Honestly they should be on the same meat goat pellet you use on the boys and alfalfa pellets, grass hay and minerals, then just start cutting out the milk slowly. Then go down to one lambar you won't believe how much more they eat then. In the quest of getting them to 100 pounds by January so they can kid next year on their birthday if you take away milk too soon and don't replace it with alfalfa pellets they will not be big enough...the curse of the summer kids in Texas heat.

    I don't wean until my kids are all 60 pounds, waiting on an April kid then will worm the 5...Tim's doeling I purchased born in June, will be a bottle kid most of the fall. Vicki
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    In addition - you may want to offer the pellets & hay before you fill the lambar. I wait about 20 minutes or until I can't stand them screaming anymore to fill the lambar :crazy