Kids are dying

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    So far three of my eight kids have died, one after the other with a space of a couple of days in between. From looking unwell (hunched up and away from herd/mother) to death is less than 36 hours.

    They simply just, well die.... no strugglng with breathing, they will cry out loudly every few minutes right up to the moment of death. No swollen stomachs, drooling, mucus.... I will find a kid slightly hunched, and next thing it'a gone.

    I now have my fourth ill kid in the house, it's next to an oil heater, I've been giving it rehydrating fluids and it is eating, but in the space of just over an hour it's temp has gone from 37 C to 35.4C... well below the normal 39 C that I would expect. It's standing and chewing the cud, but if it follows the same pattern it will be down and unresponsive before the night is out.

    The last kid that died I performed an autopsy on and was shocked to see that it's lungs were not the normal pink colour but more orange. Shape, size and texture of all organs were normal and there was no sign of anything untoward in the stomach.

    The kids were all born in January/February this year, so are between 6 and 8 weeks old.

    Temperatures have been low ( I live in Latvia) but the herd have been living in a secure, well ventilated and wind roof barn.

    One of my bucks is also starting to show symptoms, his temp is 37.2 and seems a bit off colour.

    Does anyone have any ideas what it could be. I'm able to get to the vet tomorrow (I live in a very remote location and must rely on transport getting to me first).

    It's not my first year owning goats, I've been keeping them without any issues for four years now, but this really has me stumped. Any help or suggestions will be gratefully recieved
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    Have you had issues with coccidia? I had a kid with similar symptoms as you describe die on me after a long battle with coccidia.
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    I would be looking into some sort of bacterial pneumonia going through your herd. I personally would be giving banamine and excenel or nuflor. Not sure what kind of antibiotic you have available. Unfortunately when goats go down they go down fast and you have a very small window to work with.
    Also curious as to if they are pooping and peeing normally.
    What vaccines are they given?
    How are their worm loads?
  4. Mike,
    Many years ago I discovered the devastation that White Muscle disease can wreak on a herd of baby goats. We lost 15 kids before it ended. Ever since then, we keep BoSe on hand and immediately deal with even a remote symptom of this. Sudden death from illness within 24 hours is something I'd risk being wrong on and inject all the newborns as suggested in Goatkeeping 101. (1cc per 40 lbs)

    Please keep us up to date.
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    Could you let me know more about white muscle disease? I am having a horrible kidding season.
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