Keifer from Hoegger's Supply

Discussion in 'Cheese & Dairy' started by mamatomany, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. mamatomany

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    I have some keifer starter as part of my cheesemaker's pantry but it calls to boil the milk and not to strain it or anything. I have been reading the recipies on this site which say different?
  2. BlissBerry

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    Hoeggers doesn't sell the live grains. You just got a packet of stuff right? That is much different than the kefir we refer to on the forum. :)


  3. homeacremom

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    What you got (if it's a powder in a packet) is kefir culture not the live grains you can reuse. Now having said that- I would still use the culture in fresh raw milk just like I do my buttermilk, yogurt, and chevre cultures, etc. Almost all directions call for pasteurizing the milk to eliminate any wild cultures. I know my milk is clean and handled well so I prefer the raw milk products. If I did choose to pasteurize the milk I would not boil it.
    I have a few extra kefir grains at the moment. If you want to have them PM me with your address by Monday.