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    I just joined the forum.
    My family and I breed and raise Nigerian Dwarfs. Been doing this for about 7 years now.
    We've currently got 22 Does (2 dry Sr Does, 8 yearlings, and 12 in milk)
    There are still a bunch of kids on the ground though some have already left. We had 27 kids this year.
    I currently have 8 bucks (and a couple more "on ice")
    This year we will have our third Linear Appraisal. We are on our 2nd year on DHIR milk testing. And we also participate in a number of ADGA sanctioned shows.
    This year we were the Premier Exhibitor for Nigerian Dwarfs at the NC State Fair having the Grand Champion in the Youth and Open Shows along with the Best of Breed in the Open Show. There were 80 does in milk in the Open Show including a former ADGA National Grand Champion. We felt extremely blessed.
    So, hope to maybe learn some new things, or help if I can.

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