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  1. I'm the one that just had 2 kids die from worms and Cocc.

    My doe seems to be doing great and we are still attempting to treat her so that she doesnt have the same fate as Bella and Cardigan.

    How long ect. do I treat with what and how much each time? Did I say that right? :crazy

    Lola (the doe) has been doing great and I dont think she is pregnant. When we got her we were told that she was preg. I dont think that is the case. But I want to treat her for worms and Cocc. (I can never remember how to spell that word) but dont want to over-do the medication or under-do for that matter. So what schedual do I need. I have no idea how much she weighs. I use to know by measurements but have forgotten in this length of time. (Sorry Marylou) Anyway, your help and your thoughts of sorrow for us when we lost Bella were so wonderful that I am once again asking for info from those who really care and know what they're talking about.

    Also........How much are doelings (Nubian) and bucklings running now? Not sure I got a good deal anymore. I am here in Clanton, AL.

    Thank you for all those that responded to my last cry!

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    I have a paper in goatkeeping 101 on from birth to kidding. That should help.

    Yes you should worm your doe, bred or not, but she shouldn't need to be cocci treated (coccidiosis) adult does are pretty much immune from it, we only see problems after severe illness or really awful stress...even moving we rarely see cocci problems in adults on fecal.

    If you haven't wormed correctly or with the right stuff than order Cydectin cattle pouron...at the same time purchase a weightape from them, give her the wormer orally 1cc per 22 pounds.

    Do you have any friends who are nurses who could teach you to pull blood? This way you can not only test her for CAE but to see if she is indeed bred and need to find a buck to use or not this fall. If she is bred you will want to worm her agai the day she kids, if she is not bred than worm her before you breed her than at 100 days pregnant.

    Do you have standing water on your farm with snails?

    Doelings start here at $400. Of course you want a good price when you buy stock but what you really want is health guranatees on the stock. And some aftercare would be nice. Vicki