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  1. Jo~*

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    Just wormed my girls with the Ivomec + does it get everything that would be considered normal infestation? Tapeworms?
    I know I should have a fecal done but its $40.00 just for 1 goat.
    Next year I'll be checking into a microscope!!
  2. Theresa

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    I don't think that it gets everything. You might want to use cydectin in 10 days because I think that gets things that Ivermec + does not.

  3. whimmididdle

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    Jo........it's gonna be hard to determine the answer to your question without doing a fecal.....but I understand the $40 part... that's ridiculous.

    We have some clues/evidence that some HC worms are resistant to Ivomec, but I know some folks who still use it as a primary wormer.....and their goats seem fine (at least on the outside). I have found at my place that cydectin ( I've went to Quest ....moxidectin) works better at controlling HC, than does Ivomec.

    With that said, I don't believe that you wasted your time/wormer though. Liver flukes can cause great harm to your animals, and the + should help control them.

    I guess if I were "shooting in the dark" worming.....and it being this time of year......and it being younger (less than a year old animals).....and my animals seemed to be in good shape already......I would probably give Ivo + at least two wormings about 10 days apart, and then follow that up 10 days later with a dose of Quest +. The + in the Quest is a tape worm getter.....not like the + in Ivomec, which is a flukacide. I believe that I could carry my animals through most of this winter without any further worming with this "shoot in the dark" script. Obviously, you could get very different results with your herd, at your place.

    Since I pre-breeding worm my doe's automatically (fecals or not) ......this is also about what I do in the fall before doe's are bred to kid next spring. So far (per fecals done throughout the winter) I haven't had to worm pregnant doe's yet........but I do hit them (post-kidding) with about the same script as soon as they kid.

    Try to get that micro in before your kids arrive, as it is really those kids that will better benefit from you running fecals on them, and doing them often until they are a least 6-8 months old. You don't want to "shoot in the dark" next spring/summer trying to figure out whether you have cocci or worm problems going on. Lots of kids will die next year because that are being treated for the wrong thing.....and it's only a guess if you don't have a fecal done to back up the treatment with.

  4. goatkid

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    Ivomec plus does not kill tapes.
  5. Jo~*

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    Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know :D