Ivermectin vs. Valbazen

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by mamatomany, Aug 12, 2008.

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    Our local feed store has ivermectin for worming, is that as affective as ivormec plus? It is made by duravet. Also, they are both expenseive, one is like $35 and the other is $55 (Valbazen). I only have two goats, any suggestions?
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    Linda with only two goats you can also use the horse pastes in the tubes, they are alot less expensive.

    The problem is, each wormer, gets different worms. Ivermectin for me is about cool weather worms which we don't have much problem with. Ivermectin Plus also gets liverflukes and lungworms...we do have these so I do use Ivermectin Plus once in the winter. But you would not want to use this on your goats if flukes aren't a problem because it's a chemical hard on the liver. Valabazen is just another try at zoles....like the old TBS, Safegaurd/Panacur etc...and their effeciviness for stomach worms is pretty much gone. Valbazen can be effective in kids for tapes and but it also has a flukeicide and lungworm control, so once again you weigh using something like this against harm to the liver.

    Cydectin is expensive to initally purchase but you could use Quest in the horse tube for your small herd. I would go with it to start, then of course as you learn and maybe learn to fecal or take poop into the vet you may find out you don't need to worm very often etc... Vicki