Ivermectin Pour On for mange

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  1. I know, I know... mange is usually associated with poor animal health, diet, overall cleanliness etc. However, that is not the case here since my farm is a showcase for cleanliness and the animals are all in otherwise excellent health. I've been told that since every animal on the farm has caught it within the first year (cows, goats, sheep) and never reappears on the same animal again that it is in the soil. I'm contacting the county extension service to help eradicate it.
    The question I have however is whether or not it is safe to use the cure on bred does who have been settled for only 60 days. That cure in question is to use pour on Ivermectin at 1 ml per 22 pounds of animal weight (poured on the spinal column). This is to be performed once on the uninfected animals and twice on the individual patient at a ten day interval.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated since it is strictly precautionary on the bred does and I can wait beyond the 100 day barrier if need be. The patient is my grandson's whether.
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    topical shouldn't hurt but pm Vicki or Kaye if they don't post on here tonight.

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    Sorry, lice and mites and mange just aren't things we have down here. Vicki
  4. Thanks Vicki, There's alot of things you don't have down there that I'd be just as happy to not have up here....
    The foot of snow and ice on the ground would be a good starter!