Is there a problem with my doe?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by jimandpj, Jun 15, 2008.

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    I have a 1 year old Alpine that freshened for the first time on 4/3/08 with triplets. She's been doing great. Consistently milking 8-9 pounds, even occasionally hitting 10 pounds. We milk her twice a day.

    This past week her daily milk totals looked like this:

    9-6 (9 lb 6oz)
    5-13 today

    She's acting normally. Eating normally. Normal temp. Gums pink, eyelids pink. Normal goat berries. Wormed day of kidding and 1 month later with cydectin.

    Free choice alfalfa pellets, oats with a small amount of soy bean meal and minimal amount of molasses just to stick it together on the milk stand. Grass hay and access to pasture. Bluebonnet tech master complete minerals and baking soda. Clean automatic waterer so the water doesn't stay stagnant nor does it get too hot.

    She did not shed out very well and had a very thick undercoat. We shaved her on Friday.

    She has gotten pretty skinny - we've increased her grain on the milk stand. She doesn't finish all that we offer her (eats about 2 pounds of grain at each milking).

    So - could the hot weather be causing this drastic sudden milk drop? the weight loss? Something else?

    I haven't wanted to worm her "just in case". I was thinking about taking a fecal in tomorrow to rule it out.

    Any suggestions? All help is appreciated! Thanks,
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    Did the weather warm up suddenly? I know with my goats, drastic weather changes can temporarily affect production. Rain especially. When it's raining out, the goats hang out in their houses and don't eat as much. They look thinner when their rumens are not full and they don't milk as much. Are your other goats productions changing as well or just this one doe? Kathie

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    Did you bathe her with cold water before the shave or after? This drop in core body temp can cause problems with the rumen. Did you move to quickly to more grain and more molassas with the grain, molassas can make th rumen more acidic where she can actually eat less food? With molassas in her grain I would put out baking soda, this may do the trick all on it's own.

    I would run a fecal right off. Vicki
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    goat kid - all the other goats are doing just fine. no chages.

    Vicki - I've never bathed a goat in my life. :D Yep, we made the increase in grain very slowly - and it was the same grain she had before - just let her eat a bit more of it each day. The baking soda has been out. It's 30 pounds of liquid molasses in 500 pounds of grain - just enough to stick it together.

    This goat is my only black goat, and definitely seems to be affected by the heat more. I thought with shaving her, her production would come right back up.

    I'll get a fecal in tomorrow.