Is she bred?

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  1. Well Im sure Hannah is bred. Since she has a belly and starting to get udder development.

    But what about delilah? Do you think she is bred?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. BlissBerry

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    When is her supposed due date?

    Why don't you just pull blood and send it off to Bio Tracking? The cost is only $7.50 and you'll know for sure that way.


  3. I dont have a due date for her because I didn't write down the last time she was in with the buck. GRR.
    Right now I cant spend the money to send blood off to Bio Tracking.
    I'll just have to wait it out and see. I doubt she's bred. But I can always hope. :D
  4. mill-valley

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    She looks like she could be....but no way to know obviously. She may just have a lot of body capacity. I can't tell anything from looking at a rear end. False pregnancies will get nice round bellies and bag up as well - been there done that.

    I am all for Bio-Tracking as well... I do it every fall. Although I had one doe test neg and now she's bagging up...she must have been bred after we pulled blood or wasn't quite 26 days bred at the time or something.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I looked at the calendar as a double check and the only date I have wrote down for her is May 17-18th. Hannah is due May 19th.
  6. MRFBarbara

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    Doing the pooch test... After a month of pregnancy a does entire vulva area will elongate and get more oval shaped.. Her anus will drop lower than just below the tail and the tip that curls up on it will droop some..or hang down more

    This is not my test... just telling you what I have read and heard.. I don't put any stock in this, but some claim they can really tell..
    I can't
  7. I cant tell either Barbara. I could never tell on any of the does, nubians or pygmys.

    Well I think she is because up to now I felt just little movement, figured it was nothing until I felt kicks. I've felt kicks before and that is exactly what it felt like. I felt right infront of her udder and off to the right (Facing the same direction as she is.) And felt the kicks this evening at chore time which she was eating so she was standing still.

    Woohoo. I just hope the date I have is accurate. Gah.

    Thanks for the replies!
  8. Sondra

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    I can tell on my mini's and LaMancha by the pooch test but the Nubians NOPE can't tell