Is my goat pregnant too?

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    I have a 4.5 month old 1/2 nigerian dwarf, 1/4 lamancha, 1/8 boer, 1/8 ???(dairy breed of some sort) that was over at my neighbors house in an attempt to wean her since I just have a little pen where I couldn't separate dam from kid. They decided to expose her to a nigerian dwarf this week because they thought he wasn't in a rut so it would be safe. I thought nigerian dwarves were not seasonal breeders. Anyway, I went to go get her yesterday to bring her home and her tail was a little messy and she had a white mucusy plug in her vulva (looked like when I had my other does bred, to me). When I got her home she mounted her dam. So I would think she is an underage bred doe.

    Are they seasonal breeders so she isn't pregnant, or could she be pregnant? If she is pregnant, how do I increase her chances of a successful delivery since she is underage? I was told to feed her pure alfalfa, is this really a good idea? She received cydectin orally this morning which I did not realize might cause abortion. At this stage if she aborted she would probably just reabsorb the babies, right?

    I didn't intend to breed her early!
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    The responsible thing to do is to go to goatkeeping 101, read the info on biotracking so you know exactly how many days you have until you can send in blood and see if she is indeed bred. If she is you should then lutelyse her, 2cc IM if you can't give a good IM shot than have the vet do it. She will slip the pregnancy.

    A doe who is bred this young especially with the boer influence can have big kids she can not possibly deliever. Add to this the higher possiblity from the ND of a litter of kids and you have a train wreck waiting to happen.

    A buck can breed a young doe easliy even when she is not in heat or ovulating, so lets just hope this is what happened. He also could have been practicing on her like they do on young bucks and he didn't penetrate her. You can usually see the penetration as new pink skin showing on the vulva.


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    There are a lot of people on here that can give you a better more informed answer then I can but I see you are in Az. too and I think the breeding seasons are a little different here due to our weather. My Nubian's seem to go into a normal heat cycles pretty much year round and my buck always seems to be in rut. I used to have a few Nigerian Dwarfs and I am pretty sure they are year round. It sounds like she is or was in heat. See what some of the other people on here have too say but if it was my goat I would see about something to make her abort it. Good luck.
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    Yes Nigerian Dwarfs are year-round breeders. They do not have a "season". Some does will mount other when they or the other doe is in heat.