Is it possible she's going dry?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Brit.Tex, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Sigh.. The little ten month old (almost 11 months now) Nubian mini that was bred too early and delivered on the 8th of this month - she's now giving LESS milk than before to us, and the kids don't seem quite as bouncy as before, and are now trying to suck on the other does, who haven't delivered and of course, don't think a lot of their actions either.

    So, is it possible she's just going dry already? I'm thinking it looks like it, but her udder still seems firm - VERY firm, but it is neither hot to the touch nor is she sensitive about it being touched in any way at all, although she does push her doeling out of the way still or hop around to keep her from nursing sometimes.

    We are going to try to bottle feed the little ones tonight. And I'm curious about her udder. It feels like .. well, like young firm breasts (I vaguely remember this.. LOL!) The udder never looks "empty" but it's not a huge one, just a nice udder that with my medium sized hands would take three of mine to actually cover it all. (two from the middle up the sides and another one across the back.

    Can this happen because she was bred too young?

    We are no longer going to even try to milk her, because there doesn't seem to be any milk to spare - we had hoped to build her up to where she was producing more, but maybe next time around will be better. Her twin sister is three or four inches taller than she is, so we can sure see the difference in growth.

    Looks like I'll be buying milk - I don't have anyone else due for a couple of weeks, and the next one due is our full blood Nigie that we tried without much success to milk last year, though we hope she will do better now that she's older too. She's grown this past year, so I think she was bred too early too, though we received her already PG. I do have an Alpine due the last of next month, but don't think we'd better wait to start feeding these babies until then.

    Any thoughts?


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    I certainly can't answer your question, but I'm interested to see what the answer is.

    However, I don't think I'd stop milking her.

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    With the milk you are getting from her I would give it to the babies. If you are planning to make her a milking doe this freshening will set how long she wills stay in milk. She shouldnt be going dry it sounds like something else is going on here...
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    Have you taken her temperature? Have you tested for mastitis?

    Sorry this is happening to you,
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    Are you sure the kids aren't simply keeping her empty? Firm and round is exactly what alot of young FF udders feel like, edema is really common in FF of any age, more going on in the udder than just milk, growing, engorging with blood, getting colostrum out and into milk for the first time, hormones.

    I would offer the kids bottles, but let them stay with mom and nurse her. Milking her out at least once a day. I would also test her for CAE. Vicki