Iodine Teat Dips

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  1. Liberty Alpines

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    All of you who use iodine teat dips:

    What percentage of iodine do you use? Do you just dip in straight iodine or pour some iodine into water in a jar and then dip? Thanks! :D
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    I use Blockade 1% Iodine teat dip made by West Agro. It is an excellent teat dip and I highly reccommed it after using it successfully in my herd for the past few years.

    Sorry, I can't help you with mixing your own iodine teat dip. I would think it would be very drying unless you added glycerin to it.


  3. Sondra

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    I know jeffers has teat dips w/iodine
  4. I use the surge brand....LuxSan 10. Its a 1% barrier, low drip with 18% condintioners. This is at times hard to come by for smaller herds since the smallest pail of it is 5 gallons.

    The dips that I have used in the past and would go back to in a heart are:

    Blockade....westagro... 1%...barrier
    Bovidine.....westagro.....1% just with more skin condintioners
    QuarterMaster....westagro.... 1/4% iodine....great summer dip
    Fortress.....IBA..... 1/2% iodine 8% condintioners
    TeatKote 10....Surge....1% 13% condintioners
    DermaKote....Surge....1/2% over 50% conditioners

    Ken in MI
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    Hope it's ok to resurrect this thread-- I must've missed it.
    I've heard great things about Blockade-- is this a post milking dip only? What's a good pre-milking teat cleaner? I need to get some "real " dairy supplies.