Injection Site Abcess

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by baileybunch, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. baileybunch

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    No, it's not CL. We are negative. I gave a doe a shot and the site had a hard knot. Put some DMSO on it (roll on gel) and all the hair fell off. The area became soft. It's about the size of an egg yolk. Tried to aspirate what I thought would be blood or fluid but it was thick white puss! :O I'm out of scalples. Will be heading to town tomorrow. Advice?
  2. stacy adams

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    I have a doe that got one on her shoulder. I ran out of prep wipes and thought "oh well" and gave her the shot anyway - SQ. Within a week she had a knot, though I never lanced it. The hair fell off and to this day, hasn't grown back. The lump is gone, but she has this tiny bald spot now and that was over a year ago. Whatcha gonna do??

  3. BlueHeronFarm

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    We just got our first knot whose hair came off. Scared both of us, as we'd never seen that before. But I am sure it is her Cd/T spot. We get knots a lot - but never with hair loss before. :( Poor girl.
  4. buckrun

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    CDT can cause that just from the goat reacting to the carrier for the vaccine.
    Especially if you are using a commercial vaccine in a gun for multiple injections.
    I sold a wonderful LaMancha buck who had scars on his neck from each of his CDT shots which he had received at his herd or origin where he was kid number 147 for the year so they did everything commercial style. When a 3rd party saw his scars I was accused of selling a CL goat so be sure to document their reaction to the shots for later if you sell these animals.