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    I would like to get some information on inducing does. What day count most people induce at and if there are differences between breeds, including Nigerians? What med or supplies to have on had? Are there more complications to expect from inducing does? You can reply by PM if you'd prefer.

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    Please don't reply by PM---I'd love this information!

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    Many years ago someone fromthe NW who had kept excellent records from inducing many, many does, wrote an article about it all -- I wish I had saved it. Lute is the drug to use, tho some also use dex along with it...Lute mimics the 'getting ready for birth' physiology dex follows another pathway -- I forget the details, sorry.

    Up shot is that 30 hours is the typical outside limit for normal births, inducing has more incidences of cervix not dilating (need to manually dilate) and contractions tend to be not as vigorous. At least that's what I recall and my own experience bears that out.

    Hope that hlps a little.

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    #1. RULE: be absolutely sure of your breeding dates. Only hand bred does or AI's. Does that have two breeding dates...they are luted according to vulva,udder development, and tail heads. If I don't feel a doe is really close to kidding...I won't lute her. A doe that is bred and comes back into heat in say 7-10 days.. like a false heat early in the breeding season...she's not luted. Just watched very carefully on day 148-150 from the 1st breeding-she goes past day 153, then she's set up for the next breeding.

    Lamanchas.....generally kid early. day 148 or so, but I've only done Alpines,Nubians,Obers,Saanen,Toggs.

    Drug doseage- 2cc of Lutelyse and 5cc (of 2mg/ml) of Dexamethasone-IM. I do NOT overdose nor underdose the Lutelyse. The Lute doseage I've used for oh...about 15 yrs., I'm not changing now. Nigerians ? I have no clue. I've only ever done standard size goats.

    Day count starts the day after the doe goes out of heat. Example: a doe is in heat, she's bred, she goes out of heat at say 1-2pm in the afternoon...the next day is day 1.

    I lute for a Sat. or Sun delivery. Usually because that is the two days when I have lots of work around the farm and nothing planned.

    If I want to kid on Sat. I will look at my charts and see who is within a 5 day window- 5 days early and 5 days after a Friday. Friday morning about 9-10:00 am I will give everyone in the window their shots. I don't put them into the kidding pens until that evening. Sat. morning I check everyone for progress before milking/feeding. Continue doing chores/work...checking on them every couple of hrs. My barn is in the center of the farm so I am never more than 200yrd.s from it. I can even sit on the back porch and see into my kidding aisles. Birthing usually starts after 12pm on Sat. The closer they are to their due date...the closer to the 26 hr. from shots, they will start kidding.

    I've never had a problem with malpresentations, ringwomb,ect...never had to have a c-section (knock on wood). Only problem I've had was several yrs. ago (before I started feeding correctly near due dates) was slow labors. Oral or injectable calcium solved the problem. The next year-on I've not had the problems.

    This is the way I use it. I'd be interested to hear what Sara has to say.
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    Thanks Kaye. I do have a lot of notes from Sara too (Thanks Sara!) but she doesn't have any experience with Nigerians and that is 1/2 my herd. I have 3 years of detailed records that I've kept with note about gestation length, litter size, dystocia and additional info. But NDs are a bit harder since I haven't' gotten a lot of info on people who induce NDs. I've always figured them at day 145 with +/- 5 days and most are between day 140 and day 145 but I've had does go as long as day 155 (triplet bucks of course).
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    I also have induced does with Kaye's protocol and have not had any "weird" problems with it. Strange birthing problems just happen at times. I also have another protocol using Lutalyse and Dexamethazone that I've used and it also works very well. I have doseages for adults, yearlings and Nigerians. If you are interested in this information, PM me. Just know your breeding and due dates!!!
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    How much grain are you feeding your pregnant does? I have found that less is better with Nigerians, they tend to be easy keepers as it is and when i grained them the first year that I had them, i ended up with huge kids in the 5 lbs range.. Now they don't get but a handful a day and I mean just a small handful and they kid with 2 lb kids.. No corn in it either, just oats, barley, BOSS and manna pro pellets... grass hay and alfafla pellets
    My does tend to go 150 days, with healthy kids
    Lute for Nigerians is the same dosage at 2 ccs, i do not know the dosage for dex for them.. gotta ask my vet what he recommends and see what he says..
    I do induce labor in my girls and they go from 24 to 40 to kid
    I have never used the combo, just lute.. plan on using it this year tho
    I work which is why I induce..
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    YOUZIE Whim those are big kids my Mini Mancha never have but 4 lb top and that seems a lot. most are 2 or 3lb I have never induced and they all deliver 143 to 145 days.
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    Barbara, what day do you induce for? Most of mine don't make it past 145 so I don't dare go by the 150 day mark.
    We have done tail ligaments in the past and except for a couple tricky does, we've had good luck with doing that but
    this time around, I don't think I can sneak away from work as easily so exploring our options.

    Whim - whoo boy, those are some BIG Nigie kids! Wow, whatcha feed those girls down south?

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    :biggrin Just as a note...that was a mistake on my part. My preggy doe's are on NO grain this time around. Alfalfa pellets and grass hay......they all are fat and slick and look better all the way around. I'm not sure how much grain that I will add when they go to milking , but I will add it back to their diet at some point in time. Trying to squeeze 3, 5 pound bucks out of one of these ity bity doe's ain't something that I ever want to do again.
  11. New Member

    Whim with your does prone to multiples, where will they get the energy they need that last 50 days of pregnancy to grow the kids from the size of hampsters to the 3 pound kids they are supposed to be.

    Don't overcompensate...too much grain last year gave you big kids, so don't not give them any grain this year. Just alot less. But let her get some grain for carbs and energy or you will have toxemia or worse ketosis. Vicki
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    :biggrin Gotcha ......I should have stated it better in the post that I was gonna add grain to their diet in late pregnancy.......just none until then.
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    I induce my girls for day 148 here in Michigan, before I started inducing most of them went to day 148 or 149....
    So I stick with day 148

    Whim, I give my girls just one handful of grain and the kids stay small.. they do get alfalfa pellets, hay and on cold days some beet pulp soaked in hot water..
    Vicki's right you got to give them just a little... It was my hubby that I had to stop from overfeeding them grain.. He was killing them with kindness...
    I have one now that is not due until March and she is wider than she is tall, so I am thinking quads.. Her dam always gave me quads too....I worry when they get that big, but would rather have four small kids than one large buck...
  14. whimmididdle

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    :biggrin """He was killing them with kindness... BV"""

    I was guilty of the same thing :duh ...Don't get mad at us....We just love the girls a little too much I guess.
    B.V. I PM'd you to let you know some better details of what I'm trying to do this year.