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    Penny (FF) is the only goat in milk right now, she was just feeding one baby for a while (who is now over 10 months) and so when I recently started up milking her again and weaned the baby, she was giving just under a quart or so. I have been milking twice a day and feeding her well. That is, all four does get fed alfalfa once per day, maybe 5lbs or so between them (none are getting grain right now except penny at milking), plus they have really good bermuda mix hay with quite a bit of red clover in it. Penny also gets more alfalfa at each milking maybe 1lb of alfalfa pellets a day extra at the milk stand and is getting about 1 1/4 lb per day of grain as well.

    So we are now getting a solid quart per day, but is it possible to get her back up to nearly 1/2 gallon she was milking back in summer? I figure not this late in lactation, but even 3 pints would be great. My little sister drinks it, and my mom has been sick and lost some weight, so she needs to drink some to put back on the weight she lost (like 8 lbs) and for the nutrients that are in it to help her heal and I'm trying to make kefir, so you can imagine how it's stretched thin.

    Little sister is ready and willing to help in any way she can, loves the stuff. So today we started milking 4 times per day to try and increase her output. I'm training her to milk, so she can handle the two middle milkings (mwa haha, my own little slave). At the two middle milkings, she was fed some alfalfa, so she's getting more alfalfa now too. I was impressed with both the goat and little sister, Penny let her handle and milk her (she was wild when we got her and usually scared of people besides me), and Amy did a great job milking. Amy's a bit of a germ freak, so she's keeping things clean so that's good.

    So does this sound like it should work? How long should it take for her to increase if she will?
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    The more you milk the more she will make even in this far into lactation but only to her potential. Once she is further into her pregnancy it will be harder and harder to keep up the lactation until soon around 120 days bred she will stop milking on her own(or deplete drastically) if you haven't dried her up.

    Instead of milking more often than the 2 times a day, what about having little sis go out and give her more grain twice a day? With the clover in your hay you don't need as much alfalfa pellets as we feed, if you were just feeding grass hay I would blame her little bit of milk on not having enough alfalfa.

    It's a huge balancing act as you have found out, feed in, milk out, while they keep in good flesh doing all of the above because she is bred.

    Great job! Vicki

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    loved the "evil laugh and the little slave" bit. lol