I got VERY lucky!

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    Monday night Vinca- a big Nubian 4 yo 3rd freshener- started making the "I'm about to go into labor" signs. Nested, rubbing on the walls, talking to her belly and anything else, and very affectionate, climbed into my lap when I sat in the straw. (Since she is about 195 lbs by weight tape, that was interesting! LOL)

    Tuesday-nothing much happening. Maybe a few light contractions but no show and eating like a horse, looking fine. Babies very quiet, no movement. Quick check showed she wasnt dilated. Tuesday night she really went into labor, heavy contractions, some show, bellowing now and then. Still couldnt get past her cervix, it was sut tight. About 230 in the morning it all stopped and she acted like nothing had happened. No fetal movement at all even with a bump. I eased off her bag, hoping it might stimulate some natural oxytcin production- and darn if the right teat didnt have major junk coming out of it. Looked like cooked colostrum, curled up in a ribbon as i milked it out, just like thick blood streaked vaseline from a tube. She was dried off clean last year no sign of mastitis and no history of it.

    By Wed morning I'm a basket case, with maybe 5 hrs sleep in 2 nights, and now a doe who is acting miserable and in pain. No fever, temp 101.6 I'd given bo-se, and oral CMPK for 2 days since she started and wasnt dilated. Still couldnt feel an open cervix. No fetal movement since Monday night, and no fetal heart tones. Got the vet on the phone while I was still in her trying to find a way in the cervix- -his opinion is the kids died, and thats why she stopped labor. That pretty much confirmed what I was already thinking.

    He suggested we lute and dex her,and bring her in right away if she showed any signs of decompensating then he'd do a C section. Hated to suggest it without trying the lute first. Luted her Wed at noon. She acted like first stage labor from that point on, with soem breaks in between. Uncomfortable at tiems but not miserable. I did put in a mammary infusion I made up to try to treat the mastitis, which I figured was staph from the skin infestions he had. There was apparently some infection along the inside of her leg and that side of the udder along hte leg. I MISSED IT! Boy, now I'm really feeling like doo-doo. Dead babies, sick doe I might still lose, and mastitis.

    In the middle of all this, I'm dealing with another problem- DH had picked up the new batch of feed, emptied most into barrels and was feeding it out- and the danged stuff was just loaded with molasses. The whole herd scoured. THe ittle FF lamancha who still is yet to deliver got it so bad, she was runnign watery lt brown So Im SQ hydrating her, treating all 8 for worms, cocci and diarrhea and trying to keep everyone hydrated, electrolytes up, etc. And I cant take off work because the nurse that works hospice with me walked out on us last week! Thursday we lost our home phone and internet in the lightning storms, so I couldnt even check in here. Got them back today.

    36 hrs passed and still not dilated. This morning around 6 AM I could finally get two fingers on, and feel a head and feet presenting in divers position. No movement when I bumped against it. Couldnt get hold enough to pull it out, kept slipping off my hand. Got DH and he managed to massage her cervix open more, get in and pull out the first one. Then the second. Twin doelings, one wildly spotted, one mahogany brown with some roaning. I went in an did a sweep up to about her ears, no more babies, one placenta.


    Vinca is doing well, both babes seem normal, the little spotted one isnt quite straight legged yet, but coming along. Shes a keeper to see what she looks like. Penicllin given, uterine flush done, usual baby care accomplished-ad I was only 15 mins late to work...

    We were blessed. Wed morning I thought for sure the babies, and Vinca for that matter, where probably goners- and even if I didnt lose the doe, we'd have a heckuva time with mastitis. And i was sure the lamancha FF was going to die Wed night, even though I was trying everything I could. But I must have gotten lucky- my kitchen cabinet concoction may have done some good after all- that side is putting out clear, normal colostrum, no shreds no strings, or clumps, and looks great. The lamancha is almost back to normal, and has berries for the first time today. Stands OK and is eating for the first time. Looks like she'll make it.

    I just had to share the good news! Its been an awful week, and for a change, it really turned out to be worth it!
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    woo Congratulations but what an ordeal Hey go in and fix your post as don't think that doe had 109 temperature :) You are so blessed that all has turned out good.

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    Wow! What an amazing adventure. Sure am glad it turned out okay. And the kids were ALIVE! You had us going for a while. Real page-turner experience. :) Congrats!

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    I'm so happy there was a happy ending to your story. I know that feeling of dread waiting to see if the kids are going to be OK. I'm glad things turned out so well.
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    Wow! So glad it turned out all right. After reading that, I am exhausted though.

    Hope you get some sleep.