Hypoallergenic Soap Ingredients?

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by nitrors4, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Okay, so I have not begun to make soap yet, but had some ideas. My MIL has very sensitive skin, almost every kind of soap makes her itch. So, my quest is to create a soap for her and possibly others with skin problems. My assumption is that it should be fragrance free or very light in fragrance.

    I'm sure someone has had some experience in this area :)

    My question is, what ingredients do ya'll recommend?

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    Michelle the soap guru's here will, I am sure tell you much more than I will, but 1st off you must know that homemade goats milk soap especially oatmeal with no frangrance is very very soothing to the skin. Most people are sensitive to soaps because they are detergents and not real soap.. Start off with the walmart recipe then move to using goat milk for you liquid or part of the liquid and then change out some of the lard for shea butter always running it back thru the lye calculator .

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    Next time you are over grab one of my Just soap bars and let her try it. I don't think she could be allergic to our soap, now a scent can bother you (rose and headaches for me) but on your skin if made correctly, no. Most people confuse the idea of scent and what we do, you can be allergic to perfume, yet mix our Fragrance Oils or Essential oils with benign carriers and wear it as perfume because it contains no alcohol or propolyn glycol that in fact applied to my skin make me itch. So I can be around my fragrances, wear my fragrances but sneeze and have an asthma attack with most perfumes. Vicki
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    Yep, it is the chemicals in the commerically made stuff that is most likely making her itch.. goat milk soap (made right) is very soothing to the skin and often stops the itching and other skin problems.. Oatmeal is soothing and so is a basic unscented bar with a little t tree oil added to it.. PH is handmade soap is good for your skin and closer than those awful chemicals
    the very reason that I got into making my own soap, hubby has crohns disease, many people with crohns has skin problems since it is an autoimmune disease... He was at the doctors constantly for skin problems.. He longer goes to the demotologist, he does not need to.. all he uses is goat milk soap..
    Our skin, the largest organ we have protects all the others.. we poison it every day by putting chemicals on it and it does absorb these thru our skin, known cancer causing agents etc.. many of these known cancer causing agents are in all deordorants, makeup, soaps, lotions, any other cosmetics.. Best thing you can do for your MIL is get her a good bar of goat milk soap, she will know the difference within a week or two..
    I agree with Vicki on the fragrance issue, many customers tell me that they can't use fragrances, then they try a bar of soap with fragrance and are amazed that they can use it.. MIL is one of them.. she is 83, skin cracked bled, very thin fragile.. a few years ago I gave her a bar of soap, it sat on her countertop and she never used it.. one day she was telling me how much her hands hurt, cracked and bleeding, how her back itched so much.. I told her that day, I gave you the solution to your problems and it sits on your countertop because you are afraid of it.. so I don't want to hear anymore.. she has never turned back since then and only uses my products.. Recently in the hospital, she called me, she had forgotten soap and took a shower and was itching very badly. of course I took her a bar..Her hands do not crack and bleed anymore, she does not have itchy skin anymore...
    Vicki makes wonderful soap, as does many others here on the forum that can sell you some for her until you get a couple of batches under your belt.. she will love you for it..
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    Thanks for the info everyone....

    Great testimonial Barb! WOW!

    I do have to be careful with scents and MIL, she gets migranes from bizarre smells. I'll start her out with Vicki's "Just Soap" and see how she does with that, then maybe add a light scent to something in the future for her to try. See you this weekend Vicki!!! :D