Hurt milk production in future?

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  1. Will it hurt my FF milk production in the future if I dry her up now? She's been milking since May. So it'll be 5 months the middle of this month but if I go to the Congress horse show in Ohio I'll have to dry her up before I go. I only have one person that can milk here beside myself and I may ask her to go with us to Congress. She would really enjoy going. So I'll be left with no one to milk.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have dried does off early before just for the convenience of a break or when they had already bred back. I noticed on some of my older does if I dried them of 3 months before they kidded that they actually did a little better with their kids since most of my does had tripletts or quads. The main thing you will need to watch is that she does not become to fat. This can hurt your production. I have herd some say that it does hurt the milk production but I have not seen any factual findings that it does.Dry her up and go to the Congress. I showed horses for years and always dried my does up before the ADHA finals in Oklahoma. The finals are always the best shows you will attend every year.

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    IMO.....long term/ short term milker's future performance is determined more from a genetic trait rather than from a management standpoint.....with the exception of over feeding them to the point where fat is being stored up in the udder, thus cutting down udder capacity.

    I wouldn't want to make this a regular practice every year, in fear of setting a short term milking pattern in my herd......nor would I want to cut my FF's short of at least 4 or 5 months worth of work......but in a herd of several doe's, I really doubt that cutting one short every now and then is gonna make that much of a difference in the long run of things.

    Finding somebody that I could trust to feed and milk properly for a few days, would be a bigger concern to me rather than whether this doe will perform 9 or 10 months next season. Let's face it, if by chance they was to screw her up while your gone, she probably wouldn't be worth much next year anyway.

    IMO....if a doe has the "will to milk", she just will.

  4. Thanks!

    We are going to Congress. We'll only be gone 2days but I don't have anyone to milk since the only other person that knows how to milk is going with us...unless she makes me mad from now till then. :D LOL.