HP vs CP

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Truly, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Truly

    Truly New Member

    I've only made CP so far. I feel like I've got it down pretty well. That doesn't include a bunch of additives like color or texture tho.

    I've been reading about HP, specifically the crock pot method. It seems that the soap is ready sooner, but the soap isn't as easy to get into the molds.

    So what do you all see as pros and cons to HP vs CP.

  2. kidsngarden

    kidsngarden New Member

    I do like the sooner part, and it does feel good (but I think I prefer CP feel better)

    What I don't like is it is softer than CP. I've done the same recipe, same liquids, one in crockpot, one in CP and the the crockpot was softer both times I did it, even after the same about of cure.

    The second thing I don't like is it is not as versatile with swirling, etc.


  3. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    When I started out all I did was crock pot and yep it cures faster but gosh takes all 3 hrs stirring with stick blender at least off and on and then you glunk it into molds. I won't go back to doing it.
  4. MRFBarbara

    MRFBarbara Guest

    I have only tried Hp once and it was enough for me, It is too soft and unless you cure it forever, it seems to me that it uses up faster being soft in the shower.. Another pit fall to it is glopping into the mold, its too messy for me.. And last but not least, can't swirl very pretty, although you can make some that looks like marble stone...
    Other advantage, you use less fragrance, but not worth the other pitfalls to me..
  5. Kalne

    Kalne New Member

    My very first two batches were HP. I haven't done it since. I much prefer working with 'pourable' soap. Now I have seen some nice pics of HP soap so it *can* be done. Just not by me. LOL
  6. Truly

    Truly New Member

    Thank you all.

    I'm kinda glad to hear you like the CP better, as I was thinking the HP looked like a LOT more work.

    I'll prolly try it someday, but I'll put it off for now.

    Glad the soap swap has to be CP. :biggrin