How to save whipped shea butter??

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by [email protected], Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Jo@LaudoDeumFarm

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    we are destined to make all the crazy mistakes possible, it seems. So my young 'uns were mixing up another batch of the whipped shea body butter stuff and we got water in it.

    Phooey. Now what do I do with it? Can it be saved? It's an awful lot shea to chuck. I do have some preservatives, or should I just keep it in the refrigerator until we use it up?

    Since the kids liked this body butter so much we did the 14 oz and 5 soft oils oz batch.

    What would you guys do with this stuff now?
  2. kidsngarden

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    I wouldn't throw it out... how much water are we talking? I would think it would seperate on you if it were too much. Melt it and add preservative per your preservative use directions (generally around 110 degrees and at 1% - phenonip is different I know for sure though - 150-160 at 1%). That's your safest bet.

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    Use it in soap or lotion! I use all failed batches of lotion and body butters as either part of my butters or oils in my soap. Too runny, grainy or scented incorrectly. I have used lotion as half of my water, and by weight of the lotion, that much of my oil. Vicki