How much and what type of grain to feed a milking doe(and her kids)?

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    I just got my first dairy goats last week. I have a two year old Saanen doe and her two 4 month old kids. She is currently giving me a quart both morning and evening (i separate the kids at night and from around 10am-6pm). I have been feeding about 2 cups of oats at milking time(thats all ive been giving for feed, she has plenty of forage all day). I just went with oats because i had a big sack laying around, but what is my best option for organic grains on the less costly side? Also, during milking she eats the oats really fast, ive been mixing with grass and hay, but when she runs out she starts kicking until I give her more. Anyone have tricks to slow down their munch and keep them occupied during milk time? Or should I be upping the feed? Thanks for the help!
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    My girls get 3-4 pounds a day of oats, with a little corn and brewers grain and Black Oil Sunflower seeds added in the mix. They also get 4-6 pounds of alfalfa pellets per day, per goat, because the hay I get is not so great, protein and calcium wise. If you want to make your own feed, I suggest you use the feed calculator at Langston University. It will help you mix a good feed that uses the ingredients you can afford.

    You type in all your info, and it'll tell you what is required for your goat. Then you pick your feed ingredients and adjust quantity, until the requirements match your mix. Remember to watch her body condition. I have a goat that makes just as much milk as everybody else, but eats 1/3 less grain. Her body condition can drop quickly when she is milking well. She is also very easy to overfeed when not milking.

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    Mine get a 16% protein dairy grain. 3lbs for every gallon they milk.
    Kids get however much they want.