how long can a goat be overdue?

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  1. Tim Pruitt

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    It is important to know the due date and be certain of it. It is easy to mark it on the calendar and then have them cycle again and get rebred 3 weeks later. Then if you lute the doe on the first due date you will have premies that won't likely live - so be sure of your dates.
    I put a marking harness on a buck to get some fall kiddings. I have a doe who was marked by the buck and due last Tuesday. However, i would not lute her because I didn't witness the breeding. She is making an udder but still has not fully developed it - this is her first kidding. If I had given her lute - she would have kidded prematurely.
    However, if you are absolutely sure of the date, I would not let them go over. If they don't kid on the date - then I would consider giving the lute to bring it on. Otherwise the kids get too large or even die in the womb.
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    I have nigerians and have used lute to bring on labor.
    HOWEVER, as Tim says, I only do this if I
    a) hand-bred the doe
    b) only have 1 breeding date for her.

    There is only 1 doe i have had so far that I would lute to kid on 145 as routine. She had a bad habit of having quads and getting an overly HUGE udder. Most of the time I don't use lute except on old does (ie I luted a saanen for her last 2 kiddings 11 and 12 yo) or does that are huge and have a history of large litters.

    The other time lute is often of consideration is CAE positive does, where above conditions were met AND to practice CAE prevention with the kids.

  3. Margaret

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    I wouldn't lute unless the doe is dangerously overdue, is sick or some other reason that requires them to kid out much sooner. And as said, never lute unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure about a due date! I had a Nigerian dwarf doe that went 16 days past the date I had written down. I eventually began to think she was not actually bred and decided to lute and it would most likely just bring her into heat so i could breed her. i never got around to breeding her and 16 days after the supposed due date she delivered a large healthy buckling.
    Now I realize what actually happened, this was the 2nd time I had bred her(same buck) and apparently she didn't settle. She actually came back into heat and was unknowingly somehow bred by my other Nigerian buckling. I never suspected this and the only way I know it's true is the kid had blue eyes.

    I have also had does kid at day 156 or 157. Very rarely will the the kids die in utero because they were there too long. I have does that never kid before day 153 or 154. A lot of does kid later and no harm is done to the kids, they are perfectly fine, I would say a majority of my goats kid a few days past there due date and they all have perfectly healthy kids.
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    Hey guys!
    I have a couple Nigerian goats, and this is the first year that something has gone wonky.
    One of my goats is about 19 days overdue. She isn't showing any distress, but neither is she showing any signs of labor.
    Do any of you have suggestions toward what I should do to encourage her to go into labor. As you can imagine, this is an emergency, so if you have an answer I'd appreciate it.