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    a doe??? What are we doing wrong? This worked in the past, but isn't working now. We cut the grain, tried milking just a couple of cups to relieve the pressure--how long should that take???? Shoofly was a FF, freshening a year ago March, Mocha was also a FF, freshening a year ago the end of May. They both milked at 6 to 6 1/2 lbs a day. They started to go down in milk this spring, so we thought they should be dried up HMMM just grass hay and minerals, cut the alfalfa cubes out also. They were still milking at 3 lbs a day. DD is milking in the pens onto the ground with a teat dip. Seriously, they are getting no grain and now no alfalfa. The lady we got them from told us to just quit milking for 2 weeks ---they were so full and their teats were mishaped--hmmm milked jsut enough to relieve them, ok what are we doing wrong??? I don't want to have problems with mastitis, should we jsut keep on milking until they are rebred? Carolyn
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    When I dry mine off I let them go a few days cold turkey and then milk them out all the way strip also. then if they make anymore I wait and then only a little the next time. Usually if you wait and then milk out they go dry after that mine did...some just go cold turkey and theirs dry up and then some dont. If you just milk out a little each time they and less each time they should dry up.

  3. I go from twice a day milkings to once a day for a few days. Then just quit. I take away grain and alfalfa and their milk production goes down. I dont milk them out unless they are uncomfortably full which usually isn't the case. My girls seem to dry up fairly quick. :)