How do you decide on fragrances???

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Kalne, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Kalne

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    I bought 11 samples and am trying to narrow it down to 5. *I* had it down to six then decided to see what the rest of the family thought. WRONG IDEA! Emily loves the two I definitely dislike and really dislikes the two I especially like. Everyone likes/dislikes something different. They are not making this easy. *sigh*
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    We just started selling our soap this past summer. It has definitely been trial and error figuring out what sells well. Every month or so I drop the lowest seller and try 3 new scents. The one that gets the best response stays (and the other two don't!). Then I do it all over again. We've been going to lots of shows, so I get a good idea of what is sells well and what doesn't.


  3. BlissBerry

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    Of course you will always have your standbys - EO's, OMH, etc.

    However, I reevaluate my fragrance lineup often. I track fragrance trends and introduce new scents seasonally. For example, a 1980's dated fragrance won't sell to my customers so I am always on the lookout for new, trendy scents to add to my already successful fragrance line.

  4. Bilrite Farms

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    Kathy, you might end up with making a couple of family favorites... but go with what sellsfor your actual line up and that might include having a couple of seasonal fragrances. As you have found out, everyone has their own preferences for scents.

    Have you actually soaped your fragrances yet? Sometimes you can learn more by soaping them, scents can morph after being soaped and how it smells wet and skin cling are also other things to consider.

    Inquiring minds want to know... what scents are you considering (or is it a secret?)
  5. Kalne

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    No big secrets here! LOL

    Since I couldn't get FOs from PF I decided to go back to Nature's Garden. I have bought from them in the past and I was happy with everything. Strong, stuck well, no problems soaping. So I looked at their selection, looked at the notes on the scent review board for discolorations and accelerating, did some market research on quite a few etsy shops to see what they seemed to be selling and this is what I chose to try --

    Apples and Oak - *I* don't like this one, my dd's does
    Australian Bamboo Grass - Haven't decided
    Berry Bewitching Brew - I think we all like this one
    Fig Lychee - some like, some don't, *I* do
    Green Clover and Aloe - I think we all like this one
    Honeysuckle - true to name but I don't know if I want it
    Indian Summer - I don't like, Em really likes
    Mandarin Tiki - Em really likes, I think just okay
    Nag Champa - I like! No one else does LOL
    Orange Clove - too much clove, not enough orange
    Watercress & Aloe - we all like, I think
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    I know the honeysuckle sells, sells, sells here. I started making it last year and it is hard to keep on the shelf. I can't say anything about the rest as I generally mix my own EO's and the Honeysuckle is the only FO I have. What I do is get ten people who are willing to do olfactory testing for me. I supply them with a printout of the scents, it is written out as Love, Like, Don't Know, Dislike, and Hate. I give them a swab of each scent. After I get all ten back I ditch the hates-which I usually love- and make the first three (Love, Like, and Don't know). So far its working. Tammy
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    I am really lucky in that I have adult children. Both my daughters are excellent in keeping my line young so that my 25 to 35 year olds buy, I also have guys, and my gay guy friends have been instrumental in helping me with this, as does my 24 year old son. What I think is a great mens scent they hated so I am not using it anymore. I am 51, so the mature skinned hates floral is done by me and although technically a floral Rice Flower Shea has always been a major seller for me. My stores also dictate scent for the rest of the folks since I have to make wholesale soap weekly...doesn't leave alot of time to change scents alot or switch.

    I am going to try the new Acidia berry or whatever it is :) mostly because I have had so many ask for it, using the juice itself in the soap like I do pomegrante.

    So let others of different ages and especially life experience give you input...if it was only up to my nose I wouldn't do half of my line. Vicki