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I have a 7 yr old Nigerian doe with hoof wall separation. I've been reading post from years ago and wondering if I'm doing right thing or not. I definitely neglected her trimming and when I trimmed, I saw hoof wall separation on side of hoof. I cut the separated part away, it was more than 1/4". I brushed all that out, trimmed, used hoof n heel. I gave her a shot of la 200 as well. There was no heat, swelling or smell. Ive been giving her hoof n hair guard for horses, for the biotin. I'm in oregon so wet conditions. I have wood chips in their immediate area, but still.... The ground is clay so it's brutal on hoofs if it gets packed. She's laying a lot, and has been either slight limp or just seems to have tender foot under pressure of standing. The hoof appears hard and dry.

It's been dry here for two+ weeks. After she's been laying she will stand but hold up that leg for a few minutes before straightening.
Vet came out and trimmed a bit more off, the hoof was misshapened on one toe, unlevel. Vet gave her nuflor and hoped after three days to see an improvement and intended to give another injection. But nope, no improvement in slight limp. Now the plan is meloxicam and drawing salve for a week to see if she responds to that. The meloxicam seemed to work two days, then back to apparent sore foot under pressure.

I don't know if I should try soaking in epsom salt or if I don't want foot wet.... I checked today, Thursday, and she saw vet on Friday prior week. There was a bit of growth on hoof wall, and a small place cracked on edge of it. I trimmed that growth off wall and used a rasp to level without going overboard. I got a spot of blood at toe so bit too much.

She's getting about 1/8 cup of hoof n hair guard for horses and the meloxicam. She eats orchard grass, some browse, but browse is mostly spring grass and she gets loose goat minerals.

Any idea what I should be doing different?? Is there a product that works better than hoof n heel? Is coppertox any different?

Thnx, I don't know if there is better treatment and vet said we're shooting from the hip. This started beginning of March.
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