Hoof Trimming help needed

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by KUrby, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. KUrby

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    Ok, I need some advice. I know I am not getting my goats feet done right. They do not look good. Just how much can you take off and not hurt them? I need some foot OFF! :biggrin
    I have been worried I am going to hurt there feet, but now I think I am hurting them by not getting enough off.
  2. andiplus5

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    I really wish I could help you, but my poor yearling doe looks deformed now that I did her hooves. :bang I did my bucks too and at least he quit limping but he is still in bad shape and I don't know what else to do for him. :/ So you're not alone. Hoof trimming is harder to me than learning to milk, worm, give shots, disbud, etc, ect, ect......I hope you find some help. Good luck!!!!!!
    Andi in OK

  3. Sondra

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    Trim till you see pink and once in a while YEP you will clip thru and get blood just use blood stop or carterize with your disbudder. Trim every week if they are bad shaep or use a grinder and get it all done fast which carterizes as it goes. Don't ask me how to do it but I am going to start a post asking that very question for Tim and Vicki to answer.
  4. Melissa

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    I use a carpenders' knife (w/ the razor blades) to get a really level hoof. I use the trimmers to go around the edges and get the harder shell but use the knife to get the soft "middle". and yep, from now on I ALWAYS plug in the disbudder before trimming!