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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Melissa, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Melissa

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    yesterday I was trimming and nicked one of the doelings a little to high and she started bleeding. know, I've trimmed lots of hooves and have had several bleed but they usually stop before I get the last hoof is done, but this one made the floor of my barn look like I had butchered somebody (concrete floor) so a little concerned, I hooked up the dehorning iron to cauterize the offending bleeder. now, I'll mention here that I have never done this, as I've said before, none have ever bled this much. as God is my witness, I'll never trim hooves again without it!!! :woohoo I stopped not only the major bleeding hoof, but also any oozing capillaries that I shaved! to any who have never used your iron to stop bleeding, you're making a big mistake! the goats didn't even act like the cauterizing hurt them very much (no more than trimming) and the hooves look so good after using it. well, I think I've gone on about this, it just amazed me so much I had to let everyone know. :biggrin Thanks for letting me share.

  2. Sondra

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    Yep been there and done that, made me feel so bad that I had cut to have it bleeed like that. First time I did it I wasn't smart enough to use the iron. used blood stop and didn't help so finally put gauze and taped it up real good so it would stop. Then afterwards thought abt the iron.

  3. Theresa

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    Yeah, I had my first goat mentor tell me that the iron was the best thing to stop the bleeding. I have never had to use it but that is probable because once I see a little pink I am to chicken to go farther. :blush
  4. Katarina

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    I am not saying use this, just throwing it out there to get opinions on. If I get a small nick that drips a little bit, would super glue work? I know that someone once told me that when they de-claw cats at the vet they clip it the claw off right at the skin level (or below) and then fill the hole with super glue to keep it from bleeding. Also, know that helps me with minor cuts wonderfully! :D

    So if I have a small cut would super glue work or should I use the disbudder?
  5. Kaye White

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    :lol Katie, when they declaw cats they actually take off the first joint, with the nail bed intact. The super glue is to close the skin together to keep *stuff* out of the hole left. I've seen it done with medical super glue and also stitches. Different vet schools, different techniques. I've very seldom seen any bleed. Those were usually bandaged.
    Shudder...that's one thing I had a hard time dealing with...and broken bones. I'm not a bone person and cringe when I hear the sound of bone on bone scraping. :blush

    Yes, I fully agree with the iron on bleeders, because I am notorious for nicking someone during hoof trimming.
  6. BlueHeronFarm

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    Great tip. We've only ever had one bleed enough to freak me out a little. I'm sure it won't be the last.
  7. stacy adams

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    I did the same thing Sondra did. I did though, think about the iron, but it was up at the house an I was afraid to leave her on the stand there, bleeding all over, you know, to death :/ to go get it. So, I piled on the blood-stop and used some orange vetwrap on her toe.. She actually kept it on there for 3 days! I think she liked the color. :rofl
    I'll keep the iron in mind next time I do feet and haul it with me to the barn..