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    Because I have seen this said a few times on the forum, even from a few seasoned folks who should no better..............this was a demo we did as a racing game done in groups for our 4H kids.

    Take a 12cc syringe. Get a 1 quart container if you have only kids, a 2 quart container if you have young milkers or mini goats, and a 3 quart container if you own full sized dairy goats. Now take a 12cc syringe and stand up, the syringe must be 3 feet above the container. This is the waste of what goes down her chin or on you or in her lung or up her nose. Now fill up the container with the syringe (colored water is much more visual). How many syringe fulls? How long did it take? Now repeat every 6 hours.

    From oil for bloat, or hydrating a goat it can not be done like this. Vicki
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    Vicki, what a great post, I agree, you cannot possibly get enough in them with a syringe, even if you sat there and did this all night, all day...

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    :rofl LOVE it!
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    Thank you Vicki!!! :lol

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    Well, I tried it. Though I used a 30cc syringe and it took over 6 min. This was going from one qt jar to another, sucking up quickly and "dosing" slowly. And looking at what my goats normally go thru on a daily basis, I can't see that a qt of water, even 6 times a day would keep it hydrated.
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