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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by farm mom, Feb 26, 2008.

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    So, I was reading Sue's post on making the homemade CMPK solution. It didn't say but I am assuming the tablets containing all the ingrediants were ground up, mixed with water, and given orally? I wasn't really sure how this solution was administered but wanted to have it on hand, just in case.
  2. Sondra

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    yes but this really should be used in an immergency situation when you have nothing else and can't get it. CMPK injectable from your vet is the best. 2nd would be CMPK liquid 3 CMPK jel (mixed down) and then the homemade. Now I had to use the homemade last year but ran to the health food store on a Sunday and was able to get everything in liquid form which was nice.

  3. VickiLynne

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    All I have here is the big cattle tubes of CMPK. What do you mean by mixed down? What would be the correct dose for goats? I will have to see if my vet is willing to give Rx.

    Vicki in NC
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    The paste is really caustic to the throat, like giving Propolyne Glycol for an extended period of time. The oral liquid can be purchased in livestock catalogs. The one thing you will find on this forum is that few of us rely on our vets or farm stores locally for our products. It's way to expensive and you simply never find exactly what you need.

    Since you are starting with this going into a slurry to go into a syringe to go down your goat...you can simply soften all of the pills, etc....in water in your blender and then whiz it all up and give it. I have a mortar and pestel which I absolutly love for making things into powder. And don't forget adding kero or even pancake syrup makes giving oral things soo much eaiser. Vicki
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    Tiffany --

    When I use Sue's CMPK recipe, I mix the ground tablets (like Vicki I use a mortar and pestle) with honey (1 t.) and cranberry juice (scant 2 T) to make a dose around 30cc in volume which fits easily into my drenching syringe. My does love it and take the syringe tip into their mouths as soon as they see it.