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    It's so great to have found this wonderful forum. I have been lurking around for the past couple of days reading past posts. Got some questions answered in full on the right times to give copper bolus, too. What a knowledgable group!
    My name is Leanna and I live with my hubby of 31 yrs. and our animal minagerie on a beautiful homestead of 7.5 acres in SE Oklahoma. I have had dairy goats in my life for most of that time. I just recently lost my only milker due to kidding issues, and it broke my heart! Thankfully it's kidding season, and I was blessed to find two sweet Nubian doe kids to help fill the void. The lady that had them was needing to let them go as they came from quads and triplets, and their moms weren't making enough milk to support them. They have taken to a bottle rather quickly, and are really thriving.
    Thank you all for letting me join in on your dairy goat journeys, and I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better as our time here progresses. Have a wonderful day, friends!
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    Welcome Leanna! Nice to see a few new lurkers. Come out and play everyone! Yes, posters are currently a little thin but there is TONS of great info from veteran breeders located here. Dosage info, please don't post there, is on the health and wellness area.

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    Welcome! I breed nubians in NE OK.