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    Hey folks! My name is Ethan and I've been farming for the last 14 years in a few different places. It all started on a 1200 acre completely off the grid farm on a little island in British Colombia. Like, I'm talking off the grid! We moved there from a comfortable suburban house in Denver, Colorado in an effort to live more sustainably, so it was definitely a shock! Our water was gravity-pressurized from a lake that was a mile up the mountain, our only light was candles and propane when we had it. The heater was the fireplace in the middle of our round home. If we needed a bath(I am #3 of 4 rambunctious boys)we would heat up water on the wood stove and then pour it into a steel water trough and all jump in. Oh, did I mention that it was outside? Yep, snow, rain, sun whatever, when mom said it was bath time we complied respectfully. In the winter we would all take turns getting up in the middle of the night to stoke the fire so we didn't freeze. We learned to can all our own food which we grew in our own garden and to make cheese and yogurt and everything else that a family of 6 needs to survive. We also had 8 cows, some goats,sheep, dogs, cats and chickens. I took care of our 200 chickens at first. Then I also started taking care of the sheep and the goats. I favored the sheep, I think. Any ways 1,2 skip a few years and we moved to another farm in the north pole. I mean, outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, sorry :).There, we had 14 goats and 6 sheep and 150 chickens. Lots of experience later, when I was 16 we moved to a much smaller acreage in Chilliwack, B.C., where I currently reside and still have a small flock of animals, including 7 goats, 5 sheep and about 50 chickens. I also work full-time graveyard shift at my families restaurant, hence the reason for having a smaller farm. But none the less, I still love farming and love helping others farm, so I signed up to learn and encourage others with (hopefully) useful tips. Any ways, that's the condensed version. Hope You enjoy!!