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Herd names

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I have come to the part of choosing a herd name for my herd.
But I'm having a really hard time thinking of a good herd name.
I have not yet bought my own farm (my goats board at a friend's farm until I buy my own farm)
Any sugguestions?
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what abt the scenery around you? We live close to the flint Hills so I have my farm down as flint Hills Mini Farm
There are lots of hills, A forest with Oaks, Maples and birches right near us.
A River flows down at the bottom of the hill, and there is a pong nearby too.
I was maybe thinking of something to do with Oak trees, because I love them, and they are all around
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Yea! Sounds like u hav quite a few choices! and yea tht wud be amazing...
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