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    I'm trying not to be an idiot here...I've looked online for banamine, nuflor (and other stronger than biomycin antibiotics), and lactated ringers. But everything needs a prescription. So I guess I need to call this vet I talked to over the weekend and see if he is willing to let me buy them from him. He was very nice with the CMPK injectable.

    So I need to ask him for
    Lactated ringers
    and more CMPK

    Anything else? And you guys just really call your vet and they just sell you this stuff to have on hand for emergencies?

    I could have sworn some of this stuff was available online without a script, but every place I find that has it says I need one...
  2. B complex if you don't have it. I've been looking all over our valley for some and all they have is paste. They all say the same thing "get it at the vets office". Tammy

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    You can get b-complex from Jeffers/Valley vet so not a scrip item.

    You might want to get the Nuflor on an "as needed" basis, or just a red topped tube or two full, as it is very pricey. Ask the price before you order it!

    My vet gives me stuff, but we have developed a relationship over time. If you sound like you know what you are doing (like ask for Flunixamine, not banamine, as it is the generic version and thus cheaper) they will be more likely to give you stuff. You could tell him that you will call before dosing any animal with lute or whatever to check with him first so that he gets/feels comfortable about
    letting you "play vet". Now my vets don't expect me to call unless it is a serious emergency or I am totally stuck on something.

    Add epinephrine to the list. Inexpensive, but important.
    Dex would be nice too!
    Dex and lute can come in the red topped tubes.
    Excenel or Naxcel
    Thiamine ('cause when you need it, you need it NOW!)

    I'm sure there is more, but someone else will have to pitch in here.
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    No reason to have all this in full bottles. I am a naxcel fan and I just get the bottles before they are hydrated so the shelf life is long. I get oxytocin in a red top tube, and maybe 3, 2cc syringes of lute. I have 1/2 a bottle of Dex, buying whatever she has left from a vial, and get a red top tube of thiamin. Enough that if I was going to have to use alot I could be in the vet the next day to get more. I throw out soo much unused stuff when I buy full bottles. I do get a full bottle of bo-se but share it also. Small amount of gentamycin same thing if I use it for anything else I go in and buy a whole bottle. Vicki
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    I have epi already - I found that on agrimed last year...I have BoSe already too.

    What is dex?