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    So sorry Susie
    I really don't think it was alfalfa pellets tho that caused this. I have a doeling I got at 6wks old straight off her dam. Never could get her to take a bottle and she also wouldn't drink milk from a pan she was put on straight alfalfa pellets and then gradually added some grain for her. Never a problem. So even tho your little doe bloated and some will just from all milk it is just something that happens and we have to be prepared to handle it if at all possible. I really feel there was an underlying cause here.
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    Oh Susie, I am SO little one still won't drink milk either, and still gets Coccidia back about 5 days after we complete a 5 day series of Corid/Albon/whatever.........

    My heart goes out to you~ and Marge
    Tracy :(

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    Thanks Sondra and all--
    She had been doing fine with the limited amount of milk she would take-- I really felt pressure that "SHE BETTER GET ON A BOTTLE OR ELSE".. her weight gain was slowed due to her not drinking as much milk as she should have... but i was ok with that- she was a heck of a grazer for sucha little gal.
    I agree about the alfalfa pellets -- i think if they were going to have caused bloat it would have happened sooner that 2 days-- her belly was not that bloated the first day she was off feed. I think I did the right thing by giving her sub-q fluids vit b etc the first day, my mistake was giving her milk on an upset stomach-- right after I gave her the milk was when her belly really started growing. Makes sense to me -- she didn't have the microbes of a milk fed baby, but more of a grass eater, since that's what she ate.It'd be like giving an adult milk on an upset stomach-- I don't think it's gonna be helpful. But like I said I felt like she's GOT TO get on that milk... My fault for not using my own judgement.
    I guess I need to find out how to re-start a rumen, since that seemed like the major problem, I will do some searching .

    BTW Vet said she looked in great condition o/w her membranes were perfect in color so she did not think there was a parasite issue that contributed to her problem.

    I feel like I was responsible due to poor thinking,poor choices, lack of judgement whatever for her not making it, and that's the worst part that i feel responsible for her death. Wether it was the alfalfa pellets or my treatment of her illness, whatever, that's what it keeps coming back to.

    Worm farming is looking good to me.