help, unthrifty doe w/ diarrhea

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    Hello all,

    Okay, I need some help with a doe. Here's the story. I've had this
    doe ever since she was about a year old, she is now 5 years old. She
    has faithfully been bred and kidded every year for us, giving us
    wonderful kids. She's been a healthy doe her whole life, and when in
    milk, give her some grain and good nutrition, she'll be doing great!
    She last kidded in February, everything went great.

    Well, we moved in July and I dried her up before the move. Since
    everything was so crazy when we first got out here, things got a
    little bit out of hand at times. I wormed her with Ivomec. She was
    bred by one buck, then the next day one of our other bucks jumped the
    fence and bred her two. Well thankfully she did not take and we had
    to breed her 2 more heat cycles before she settled.

    About 2 weeks ago I noticed that she was not looking so well - she
    was getting thin, but still acting fine. I wormed her with SafeGuard,
    as her eyelids were not as pink as they should. I started giving her
    some RedCell also. Then about a week ago she got diarrhea. I stopped
    the RedCell and treated her for it and it went away. Then about 2
    days later, it came back and nothing is working this time. I have
    been giving her Kaopectate and Slippery Elm. Her diarrhea is really
    watery, and some mornings she has not been interested in grain/
    alfalfa pellets, and other mornings she eats it.

    So, sorry for the long post, but does anyone have ANY ideas? I am
    starting to get concerned about her getting dehydrated. It's been
    like this since Saturday night. I really am at a loss as to what to
    do. For now, I am just going to keep giving her the slippery elm for
    diarrhea, and the Kaopectate, and Probios.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!
    ~ Suriyah
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    Sweetie, you need to get a fecal done asap. This could well be a different kind of parasite now, and she may need a different de-wormer. It could be-a fecal will confirm it- that she has a parasite problem that needs a different class of dewormer.

    Also, with the move and new suroundings, you might consider treating for enterotoxemia. Suriyah, do you use copper?

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    Since you have made 194 posts on this forum, you are not new here. However, I am questioning if you have ever read what we post here.

    Safeguard is worthless and Ivomec doesn't work in many areas, especially where you are at.

    Did you deworm the herd, including this doe upon arrival at your new farm? Or did you wait and then just give Ivomec?

    Did you have a fecal done on this doe? What types of worms does she have? Cocci?

    I would get a fecal done ASAP if you haven't already and in the meantime deworm with Cydectin 1cc per 22# orally.

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    Okay, we came from dry Southern California to wet Oklahoma. So management is going to be totally different, which I knew beforehand. I did not know though that Ivomec and Safeguard does not work in this area... sorry to find out now, but good to know.

    Yes, we dewormed the herd upon arrival. I have not had a fecal done on her, which I should do.

    Thanks for the info... and sorry if I have made some bad mistakes. Things are crazy and no, I do not get to read all of the posts on here, which I would like to do.
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    You being in OK need to use cydectin then a follow up with Ivomec plus in 10 days BUT PLEASE get a fecal done this is not that expensive when you think of having dead goats.
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    Oh I know Sondra, a fecal is WAY worth the price!
  7. Get a fecal done. My does had the runs and it was coccidia. I almost lost Hannah.
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    I know when you were talking bout moving from CA to OK, I specifically told you that you are moving to worm heaven with goats with few to no immunity to it. You had worms in CA just not in enough numbers to have to worm. You then moved, stress for the does so the worms inside them started multiplying.

    You can't pink up membranes with safeguard because it does nothing for the blood sucking worms that goats have. Ivermectin simply doesn't work for blood sucking worms anymore.

    Your management has to change drastically now with the move. Minerals become a huge concern, you can't just use what others do unless they are honest about their losses and how much they have to worm. You have to use prevention in your kids to get anywhere near the growth you are used to in your kids. It's a steep learning curve from now to kidding day. Get your Cydectin, your corid and start looking for a good loose mineral that doesn' contain iron and has more than just copper sulfate in it as your copper number up into the 1000's. vicki
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    Hey ya'll, thanks for all of the info and help and suggestions for our doe! Today she is doing MUCH better and I will continue to keep treating her. I hope she is "over the hump".