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    Here is the scenario. I have in my small herd...

    1 -yearling milker
    1 -11 day old buckling
    3 -6 week old kids

    All are great together. All of these are Alpines.

    Then I have a 9 month old Nigerian Doeling with small horns. She loves to play and is sweet BUT....

    She butted heads with my future herd sire/6 week old buck... and put a gouge next to his healing hornbud. It started pulsating blood. He was screaming. I was screaming...FINALLY got the blood stopped and her Horn-ess put back in the shed/barn.

    What to do? I saw a spot next to his horn bud the other day as well, but figured he must have scratched himself on a bump on the post or something. I suspected her but did not want to say that for sure. NOW I have a nigerian doeling away from the herd by herself in the barn and the others merrily playing in the yard. :sigh What to do with her? I only have the one yard so far. Have not built the others yet. I have two pens in the small barn. (Will be building another larger barn soon). One for the milker and her 11 day son and the other for the older kids and nigerian. With this new head wound I'm afraid to put them together even for the night in the pen. I would hate to have it reopen and him bleed to death or something. It was really scary. Help please. Any ideas?
  2. you need to cauterize the wound with your disbudding iron, and you may need to temporarily divide a pen to keep him away from her.
    Alos get the Nigerian disbudded :)

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    The nigerian's horns are about 3 inches high. (At least) Should I band them? How long until they fall off? And I don't have a disbudding iron yet. The closest one I can use is 45 minutes away. The bleeding has stopped and it looks much better now. The nigerian is still separated. I think I will give her to a family friend that has nigerians. That might be best. :down :sniffle I hope they take her. What else can I do? :sigh Oh well. Such is life. She is the only nigerian left here. I guess it was time for her to go anyway.
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    With horns that big, you need to either band them or have your vet dehorn her. It's just about time to disbud your 11 day old buckling if you haven't had that done already. Their horns grow fast and even if you eventually plan to put him in the freezer, it would be good to remove them. Kathie
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    A few years ago, somebody around here was moving away, and they give my Brother a little horned Pygmy doe. She was about 6 months old at the time, and he took her mostly as a favor. He put her out there with them big ole nubi's (that were all hornless), and he worried that she would be stomped on by his big goats. the time she was a year old, she (at a whopping 30 lbs max) was ruling the roost with that pair of sharp stickers. Brothers big gal's were terrified of her.
    Of course, he got rid of her.........and he said from then on, if he was gonna have one with horns, that they would all have horns. He said that he would never mix horned and hornless like that again.

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    I agree I dont mix horned with hornless...not a good idea.
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    Even without horns, Sondra's mini-mancha Sierra ruled the roost here, and she was neatly disbudded. Even the big does who were 200 pounds more than her respected her. Vicki
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    Yes he has already been dehorned/disbudded. Thank you.

    I have learned the hard way the horns and non-horns should NOT be put together. She will be going to another home or banded for sure. Thank you. One question please. If banded (The horns that is. :lol) and they fall off, do you then have to take a hot iron to the areas or will they stay gone? Thanks everyone for your help. Vicki...sounds like that little doe was a spunky little thing. :)
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    We successfully banded a Boer goat last year... (thanks to Vicki steering me to a banding website) This doe was given to us as an adult..we just took her to get her out of the situation she was in.... and we did not need to do anything. She bled a little, moaned alot, and all we did was make sure she was up to date on her Tetanus, and sprayed the area with Furall...that was about a year ago, and she is GREAT! good luck with your little witch! lol!
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    :lol Thanks Sally. :lol
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    Well she went to her new home last night and the Alpines are breathing a sigh of relief today. I just wanted to let everyone know.

    And Bubba's head looks MUCH better. Almost healed now.
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    how long does it take for the horns to fall off after they are banded?
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    What about banding scurs on bucks? My buck has scurs that keep growing back and I keep trimming them, but if I don't do it soon enough he catches his buddy's collar on a scur and drags him around. I loosened the collar, it is a med. plastic chain, so hopefully it will either break or come off, and there won't be any stragulation going on, but it would be nice not to have to worry about those scurs though. Any ideas?
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    Laura- It depends upon the horn and the animal. I have heard a week to several months.

    Anita-Are they such that you can trim them and then use a hot iron on them?