Help! Newborn kid down

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  1. I have a little buck kid born yesterday morning around 8AM. Went down to check the does that are due and he was laid out flat in his pen and looked dead. He and his brother are being dam raised by their 2 year old FF mom. She has been a very diligent first time mother.
    He was 7+ pounds yesterday when I weighed him. He has been given 1/2cc BoSe yesterday (sub-Q).
    He has been nursing fine. I noticed he was crying more than I like to see last night, and he has been the one standing about everytime dad or I have checked them.
    He appears to be chilled. I didn't check his temp but he is incredibly cold to the touch. He is now in the house and wrapped in a towel.
    I'm hoping that is what his problem is but I need to cover my bases as well. He is not bloated. I have not seen him make manure nor urinate, but Liza has been diligent about keeping them clean. He has been nursing.
    He was laid out with his head back in the death throws animals tend to go into when their bodies are shutting down.
    He's limp except when his body is spasming.
    I realize there isn't much I can do at this point except get him warmed up and hope that was the problem.
    Any other ideas or thoughts are appreciated as always.
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    ck and see that he has passed the mucomium (sp) and enema to see that it happens he may be stopped up. need his temp and get it up to par and then warm milk or kefir to get his stomach back up working

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    If he's still *might* be floppy kid. In this case baking soda tubed into him when he gets his body temp back up to 100+.
  4. He's still alive. No longer spasming. Not crying anymore. He is relaxed now.
    He is warming. I have to go track down a 60cc syringe since the tube I have won't fit a 20cc....

    Dad's first thought was blockage. I haven't given him an enema yet but we will.
    The heifers and dry cows are at the neighbors again so we have to go fix fence again......
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    It's always nutritional. He may have been nursing but was he getting anything? Without alot of colostrum they can't pass their meconium. Always milk out does who are nursing kids to make sure there is actually milk in the udder. Tummies should be full, not firm and never sloshy. A crying baby is a hungry cold baby. Now that the meconium is likely stuck, use a baby supository or a sliver of soap, usually just inserting something into the anus will cause him to poop. He should do fine now. Vicki
  6. We lost him. I was not horribly optomistic when I went down and saw him like that. I've seen it too often.
    Thanks for the input. I was concerned about her udder because it seemed like they kept nursing her quite often. It is a nice sized udder though.
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    sorry you lost him did you chk out her udder to make sure milk is flowing?
  8. Huh....come to think of it, no, I didn't strip her teats. I almost always make it a point to do that. I missed the birth in this case. The one that died was nursing when I made it down and the other had already nursed. I saw boh nursing yesterday. The other kid has passed his meconium (I saw it).
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    could still be a plug in the side this one was nursing from and he got nothing.
  10. They were nursing both teats. It does look like there just wasn't enough, I guess.
    Our does are not sacking up tight...our cows didn't either this past Fall.
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    Sorry Roseanna, hopefully that will be your last negative experience for awhile....good luck in 2008!