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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Liberty Alpines, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Does anyone have a reccomendation for a vet (in the state of Texas) who KNOWS dairy goats and their problems? I have a doe that I've been battling a case of staph mastitis with since, oh, around the beginning of October I think. I've tried several different kinds of antiobiotcs, as well as Fiasco Farms herbal method, and nothing has worked. I'd like to take her to a vet who knows what they are doing, as I've already been to several who didn't really. Then I tried to be my own vet... I'm still learning all about that. She isn't getting drastically worse, but not better either. I'm afraid the staph infection is eating away at her udder tissue inside, the poor thing. She's due to kid in May. Any recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks so much! :D
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    A vet isn't going to be of help yet. First when the antibiotics have cleared the system, send a milk sample in to LSU. Then when you have this test in hand from them on what your doe has, in both sides of her udder, and the drugs you know will respond to the mastitis she has, then go with list and test results in hand to the vet for help in dispensing the drugs to you. Paying a vet to guess simply is a waste of time, or paying them to pull milk for you and send it in is expensive, you can do this yourself.

    It isn't staph if she has not cleared by now, with the info we give on this forum if you followed it to the letter.... unless it's staph aureous and in that case you should cull the doe. Mastitis treatment and the end result of a healthy doe who does not infect her herdmates depends on what she is diagnosed with.

    And with a diagnosis of staph aur and she has lived in the herd since October you need to vaccinate your whole herd with lysigin.

    Oh idea where Liberty Hill is...are you near any of Texas A&M's teaching universites? Vicki

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    Gentamicin is great for staph, it is a prescription though.
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    Yep, since it appears that common treatments haven't are gonna need to find out exactly what type you are dealing with. One can only assume at this point, that you are dealing with something that is resistant to the drugs that you have tried so far. I would ask the question, when you find out this info......if this is something that can be totally cleared up, or is this something that is gonna come back in time, meaning that you may have to deal with this off and on from now on with this doe.

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    Well there are 3 liberty hill towns in texas so not sure how to help you with a vet If you are over by Huntsville then Cris I am sure has a vet.
    But follow Vicki's advise and find out just what your working with here.