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    Hello and Welcome!! :D
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    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! Thanks for the comments on the website, it has been an interesting learning experiance and is a work in progress.

    Bethany, that's so neat that you're on this forum. I found it yesterday while searching for help with a goat that keeps cycling and won't concieve. Anyhow, I was amazed at the wealth of wisdom here. It is just what I have needed in time past! I am very excited about being a part of this online community.
    Tammy and Amy, I have already been cruising through the Goatkeeping 101 section. It truly is a jewel to people with lots of questions like me. ;)
    Linda, your are right, God's direction is best. I hope he continues to lead me in a direction with animals because I say to myself I couldn't live without them ;) But of course I could, if that is were he led!
    Stacy, I would have to agree about the cows being harder. I'm definately a goat person myself. I much prefer them over cattle. Although I like my cows too, just my goats more!
    Sherrie, I know about them hitting hard after a couple years. Our land had never had goats on it before we moved here. The first two years went great. Then the third year we were hit bad with worms and had absolutely no idea how to deal with them. Now we have a good de-worming program that works great for us. Then in '07 it was coccidiosis. So I'm working on a good prevention program that will work for us.
    And about the ducks, I have one who sets. The others I pull the eggs. But last year was my first year and I had horrible hatch rates. :? This next year I am going to try letting them set again and pulling the eggs right before they are due to hatch.

    Thanks again and I hope I get to know all of you more!


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    Hello and welcome - you will Love this place. Great information and wonderful people.

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    Welcome to the forum. You have a great website and nice goats. I love baby goat pictures. Little Boston is just adorable. Kathie
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    Welcome to the forum !! :welcome
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    Hi there! Welcome!
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    Welcome to the forum! :)