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    It is so nice to find this forum! (Actually, my 14 year old son found it for me.) We have recently moved onto a small farm and have acquired dairy
    goats along with some other wonderful farm animals. Our place came with a LaMoncha in the barn and 2 months ago we purchased 3 more dairy goats. All three are different breeds. The goats are all my son's project. The LaMoncha has been milked and the others will be kidding this spring. We would love any opinions on the breeds that we have (Alpine, Nubian, LaMoncha, and Toggenburg) like which you like best for milking, the quality and quantity of milk, etc. We love all the doe's, but would like to decide through the winter which breed to go with so we can get a buck and have pure breds.

    Thanks so much for your help!


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    Welcome Melanie, I am also from TN. Your son has led you to a group of folks with invaluable information.

    Enjoy your goats,


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    Hi, Melanie. Glad to see some folks from my state coming here! TN will always be my "home" state! I love Alpines and Toggenburgs both. Neither of the other two you mentioned suit me, but that's just my choice as others love those better. :) Management makes alot of difference in the quality and quantity of milk. The swiss breeds have the reputation for being the heaviest milkers though!
    My favorite goats so far have been Alpine X Toggenburg.
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    Welcome to the forum. I am partial to Lamanchas but I do have a few Nubians in the mix as I love them too.

    Again, WELCOME!!!
  5. Welcome to the forum. You will find alot of good information here.

    I own Nubians, so of course I'm partial to Nubians. If I didn't own Nubians, I would most definately go with the Lamanchas. :D
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    Welcome to the forum, Melanie! :)
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    Hi and welcome. Most of my goats are Nubians. I have a few grade La Manchas as well. Both breeds have things I like about them. The Nubies are pretty animals, are sweet goats and are easy to milk. I like the personality of the La Mancha and they are generally good in milk production. I've had a few Alpines and my friend raises them. They are very smart and produce lots of milk. My friend also has Toggs. They seem a bit more timid than the other breeds. They also are good milk producers. Kathie
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    Hi and Welcome to the forum.
    Well you have a nice group to chose from, of course depending on their individual production/lineage and temperment. I have no experience at all with the Toggs. Kaye has Toggs.
    Alpine you should get very nice production from believe thier temperment can be an experiment at times but then of course that doesn't include every one of them.
    out of all of them believe you will find the LaMancha to be the quietest and most docile, very loving and give an huge quanity of milk tho lower in butterfat. Nubians as you probably can see are very regal in thier walking Give high butterfat content (great tasting milk) but not as much quanity as a LaMancha or Alpine. They are also or at least mine are loving. However can be loud. I also have Mini LaMancha's which are a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and a LaMancha so I get the best of both worlds HIGH butterfat and large quanities of milk with the temperment of the LaMancha.
    I own Nubians/ LaMancha/ Mini LaMancha and Nigerian Dwarf right now.
    You will just have to decide which of the breeds you like the best and go with it. All I am sure will be loved no matter what :)
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    Welcome Melanie ! You are in the right site ! :biggrin WELCOME !
    I like my LaMancha doe's ! and the Nubian's :/ well... All the dairy doe's are wonderful , the WONDERFUL MILK is the best ! :biggrin
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    Welcome! As I said in another post, I've belonged to 4 Yahoo goat groups for over six months. And I've found more useful info, (and nicer folks) in a couple of days on this forum than on all those groups. My favs are Nubians, natch, mostly 'cuz that was my first goat--back in the Stone Age. Then I was away from them for years. If I'd remembered how noisy they are, I might have gone with sum'pin else! :sigh
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    Welcome Melanie. :yeahthat I think everyone has just about covered it. I have Lamanchas here just love their personality.

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    Hi Melanie

    Welcome to the forum here. You will find lots of very good info in the 101 section, so I encourage you and your son to read in there all you can. Lots of the info has to do with treatments, but much of it has to do with management and prevention also.....which can keep you out of lots of the treatment areas.
    Got questions ? please ask ! There are several knowledgeable people that monitor and participate in this forum.

    Buy a farm, get a free goat in the barn........ That's a sells angle I've never heard of before, but it must work.

    Breeds of dairy goats ?........geez, I think they all are great, but since I'm hobby farming size....I mostly have ND's......and ND's allow me to own a couple more of them then I normally would large breeds. I do have 1 alpine that is driving me nuts right now, but gee-whiz, that gal can do it when she hits the milkstand. She is mostly here as an experiment, as I have bred her to my ND buck, and am gonna try to raise mini alpines.
    My market down here south of you is mostly for family (homestead) milkers.....and I think that this medium size (1st generation mini alpine) goat will go over great down here.
    I suggest that you ask them gal's up there what kind of market that you may have as a general rule of thumb. At some point in time, you will have lots of kids running around after freshenings, that you are gonna need to try to market. This may need to be considered as you make your choices on breeds. For instance, I know the LM's are great milkers, but most folks around here want goats with ears showing.....so selling LM's in my area is a hoot. Day in and day out, most of these folks (around me) will buy a nubi over any other breed. In most of "these" folks opinion, a Nubi is the backbone of dairy goating.
    Personally, I raise what I like to feed and milk.
    One thing that you might want to do if you haven't already done, is get your goats tested for CAE, CL. ...and be sure to purchase from farms who test their animals, and can back up their claims with medical test results in hand. I would hate to see you spend a year or two raising up a herd only to find out later that most of the herd has severe health issues that can not be cured. This "point" is very important to you....because you are not only starting to raise a herd, you are starting to build a reputation as well.

    Geez....looks like I'm rambling again, so I'll shut up now.

    Best wishes to you,

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    Hi Melanie,
    Glad your son found the forum. It's a great place to be! I have Nubians, and I have to say that all mine are very quiet. They seldom ever make a noise. One of my girls was loud for the first two months after I got her, but you hardly ever hear anything from her now. For me, Nubians are a pleasure to be around, they're kinda like big dogs except they give milk. :rofl Real personable, very loving and follow me everywhere.

    Enjoy your goats, the new farm and Dairygoatinfo. We're glad to have you!

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    Welcome to the forum!
    There so much good and important information here... it is like being in vet school sometimes around here. :rofl

    I have found it helpful to keep a notebook or folder with all the information that I find. I print it off or write it down. So I will have in case the internet is down...which happens a lot here in rural Mississippi.

    Read as much as you can what Vickie has written about breeding to birth on worming schedules, vaccinations, and copper boluses.

    When researching a topic use the Search button in the bar on the left. It starts with the 'home' button, then 'help', then 'search'. It is a much better search than the one on the right side.

    Good Luck with your new farm and adventure into dairy goats! Ask questions and you will learn so much!
    Amanda Lee
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    Hello and :welcome to the forum. I too raise Lamanchas.
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    Welcome Melanie! Goats are very interesting creatures and can be some of the worlds best entertainment. We have Alpines and Nubians here and love them both. We have two terms around here for breed temperment. Attitudinal Alpines and Needy Nubians. Its fun when you mix the two because there is never a dull moment in the goat yard. Goatkeeping 101 is a great place to start for herd health, as many have already said, there is valuable information in there. And if you can't find the info on there, heck just ask...someone is bond to answer. No question is stupid or dumb, thats why your here right? Tammy
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    Welcome, Melanie, from another Tennesseean! :)
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    Welcome to the Forum! If you really want to do goats right, you have come to the right place!

    Definitely get your girls tested. Starting with CAE negative and CL Free goats is a must. As far as breeds go, check around to see what is available in your area - Clean herds with good breeding and a helpful breeder will do a lot to make your goat adventure more successful. Several folks on this forum are somewhat close to you, so that may be an easy place to start.

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    Welcome Melanie! I too live in Tennessee.
    Where are you located? I am in NW Tennessee near Kentucky Lake.
    My favorite is Nubians. but, I love all goats.
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    Welcome! I have a preference for Nubians but really all breeds are great, just go for what you are drawn to. :D