Heat gun for shrink wrapping on sale!

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Amanda Lee, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee Member

    Harbor Freight has the heat gun on sale for $9.99 until Dec. 26th. It is the on with low and high settings. It is described as can be used with shrink wrapping. This heat gun was $15 - 20.

    So I will be buying a heat gun soon...yeah!
    Always looking for a bargin! Amanda
  2. mamatomany

    mamatomany New Member

    I just bought this one and it is still at the same price $9.99 plus shipping it came to $17.58 just FYI

  3. Carolyn

    Carolyn New Member

    we use a hair dryer, we ordered the shrink wrap in a roll from Uline. Works good. Carolyn
  4. adillenal

    adillenal New Member

    In my opinion the heat gun will make a much nicer presentation of the finished product. I started with a hairdryer and was surprised at how much better the heat gun worked with the shrink wrap. Plus it is quicker. I bought my heat gun at my local Ace hardware store.

    I had an etsy store (still do I guess) but I haven't put anythibng there in a long time. Slow sales and too much time invested in putting product on each day to stay up front.

    I can buy "real" liquid goat milk at the local grocery store in quart containers. Although I have goats I started making soap during their dry season and I bought some to learn with. Worked well.