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  1. Shykid Acres

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    Has anyone ever had a doe give birth to six or more at one time? I'm really curious as to know how many and out of which breed. I've heard that Nigerian Dwarfs and maybe Pygmy's are known for having large "litters". What is your experience? Can a doe handle that many with only having two teats and only so much milk?

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    I would never let a doe nurse that many kids, we didn't even let our does milk triplets. Someone isn't going to get their fill and it is always the doelings.

    We have had 3 or 4 sets of quints, we have only had one set of live quints, last year, that took no extra care at all, not even prichard teats...which is a huge success. I was there for the delivery and I bottle all my kids anyway. Better than the quints last year though is 4 doelings this year :) Vicki

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    I to will not let me sheep even raise 3 alone, I have a set of Icelandic triplets born April 1st that I give bottles to 2x a day along with what they get from MOm. Makes nice friendly sheep !

    I pull all my goat babies most of the time ...it would have to be one great milker to keep up with the demand of 6 babies.

  4. Sondra

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    quads is all I have had and nope they don't stay on mom can you imagin her poor udder having all those babies bumping UGG.
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    The most I've had is triplets born here, I bottle feed as well. Theoretically though, if you've got a really good milker giving 16#/day it would be enough for quads, but the average doe is going to do best with twins, maybe triplets. The problem is not always not enough milk to go around but somebody pigging out and being aggressive.
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    I saw that someone on The Boer List (mailing list for Boer breeders) that one of their does had 7 kids. 1 was delivered alive, one died a few hours later (the first that was delivered), and 5 born alive. The doe was doing fine until...the next day when she was trying to pass the afterbirth and apparently there had been that seventh kid, deep down in the uterus, dead for some time and decomposing, got stuck in the cervix and couldn't pass it. When the owner tried to pull it, she actually pulled a leg off, and then was only able to remove some of it and couldn't dislodge the other end of it. Ended up having to take her to the vet to get her cleaned out.

    Unfortunately, in her panic in trying to shift the lodged material in her cervix, she laid on 3 of the remaining kids and killed them.

    This, however, was an unusual case. The doe in question had been given hormones to flush for embryos for AI and then they luted her and THEN they bred her naturally. She was not given enough time to get the introduced hormones to dissipate and when she came into heat again, she super-ovulated. The breeder was told by the vet that the doe may never be able to breed again.

    All that work, and heartache, and she only produced 1 live kid. I believe at least some of the recip does did kid, however.
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    Wendy....Wow. How amazing and tragic all at the same time. That is sad.
  8. The most I've had here was Hannah kidding with triplets last year. She had a huge belly. My pygmys have stayed at twins or singles. All of my nubians are raised on CAE prevention so I didn't have to worry about the kids not getting enough to eat.
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    I have never had more than Quints but I have had several sets of quints and all survived very well. In fact the last set was from a beautiful milker and the smallest was over 5 pounds. We bottle raise all our kids so they all get plenty to eat...Adriel had 4 does and one buck....Good Girl!
  10. Shykid Acres

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    Sandy...What a great doe! Nice.
  11. From what I understood, all of the seven kids were lost in the end. The only kids from that doe were the kids born to the recips.

    "Vicki at the mill," not to be confused with "Vicki in Texas," had a set of quints born this past Saturday. All alive and all doing quite well. 3 bucks and 2 does. They breed Boers and Boer crosses.

    We've never had more than triplets....*sigh*
    I'd like quads at least once, but really triplets is the extent I'd like to see.
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    Ack. Yeah you're right. I went back and checked the later emails and yes, the last kid died. Not only that, but the doe died, as well.

    We had our first set of triplets this year. Annabelle had two bucks and a doe. I think the smallest buck died from FKS, plus he got severely chilled. I should have kept him inside longer to make sure he was warm enough. And I didn't realize that FKS could affect kids that young. The doeling, we believe, was laid on by either Annabelle, Flake, or the older kids that got in the pen with them. However, upon closer examination of her, she had a pretty bad parrot mouth.

    Hopefully, next year will be better considering that I've changed some things about my feeding routine. Fewer concentrates and more protein in the form of alfalfa.
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    The most kids we've ever had here was a set of healthy quintuplets. Only one doeling in the bunch. I don't like large multiple births. It's too hard on the doe. Isis is a big girl, but she had a hard time carrying that many and wound up with ketosis and hypocalcemia. The vet told me goats aren't made to carry large litters like cats and dogs do. Last year, Goat Flower had quads and died of hypocalcemia at four days fresh in spite of being treated with Norcalciphos. The girls do great when they have twins or triplets. I never let a doe raise more than two kids and I prefer to pull the doelings and let the does raise the freezer bucklings. Kathie