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    It's 5 am the bird just went in the oven, all the pies are done, and I am off to bed. I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Vicki
  2. mamatomany

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    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU VICKI! I wish I could say that anything was done except my coffee...I hope everyone has a great day with their families. We have so much to be thankful for!

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  4. Kalne

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    Wow! The bird is in the oven at 5?! My pies were done last night, thanks to dd. :) The stuffing was made by me and dad. I'm up now at 7 but I won't put the bird in until 9 or 10.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here! I am very thankful for this board!
  5. Daniel Babcock

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    Yes indeed! Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I am excited to spend the day with the family.
  6. shawhee

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    All done here too except the turkey and we are frying it. Pies and fudge done rolls in the oven.

    I hope that everyone enjoys a great day with family / friends today; and safe travels for those going places.

  7. LynninTX

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Stuffing, sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes ready to *start*
    turkey #2 is in the oven (#1 was done last night and is YUMMY!)
    4 pumpkin (13yos) & 2 chocolate pies (10yod) done
    15yos has apples ready to assemble apple crisp he is making
    9 batches of ice cream in freezer
    I still need to do the blackberry crisp and 10yod will do the green bean casserole
    sitting here with dh & 2 littles sipping my coffee

    Our company is on the road.
  8. BlissBerry

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I don't have much to do today. I made homemdae ice cream last night and will bring that to my parents... they are doing the rest. :)

    Have a wonderful day spent with familiy and friends. To those who are traveling, stay safe!

  9. stacy adams

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    No more milking! the girls are being dried off today and I got to sleep in :)
    The turkey is brineing and will go into the oven in a couple of hours.
    I'll be going over to my sisters to help cook. I just love this time of the year, when my sister and I get together and cook all day, we really mesh well in the kitchen and it's happy time for me!

    Oh yea, and it looks like Mike's cow may calve today!
  10. Secondairy

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    This is the first year that I am not doing the spread single handedly, and instead going to my friends house. Fortunately she lives two houses down :)

    I did my contributions though - the 'adult' rum cake, pumpkin rolls, sausage and cranberry stuffing, mashed turnips, and 6lbs of good shrimp ;) She has 41 people coming, so hopefully it helps! Their first bird was finished last night, the second bird is in this morning. 20lbs of mashed potatoes, green beans, honey glazed carrots, creamed corn canned fresh from her aunts farm, regular stuffing, and I think I might also bring some good sugar snap peas.

    As Sara said, for those who are traveling, stay safe, and for those who are putting it on, stay sane ;)

    Kelly :)
  11. paulaswrld

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Getting ready to stuff and roast our awesome 32lb. bird....This year, was a first for the Butler family. we had neighboring good friends grow out a Broad Breasted Bronze for us and went over Sunday to butcher and dress him....he was a little bigger than I had anticipated. :crazy Our family of 4 with only one guest today will be eating turkey for a long time!

    It was an experience for this former very city gal :D

    Have a great Turkey day,

  12. stoneyheightsfarm

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    Today all we have to do is load up the van with family and a few friends and head out to my sister-in-law's house. Each year we switch off taking turns as to who will do all the cooking. It's her year! Woo Hoo! :) The kiddos can't wait to go see their cousins, and I can't wait to see what new thing my sil has done with her house! (She's a decorating genius, and it's always loads of fun to go!)

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

    My mom had to work today so we won't be having dinner here. My brother and I were invited to dinner at my other brother's house. Bobby and Mickie are cooking dinner today. Then my mom is having a small dinner for us (Her, me, and Adam) tomorrow. Should be nice. I think I'll enjoy it more with out everyone here. :) But of course I'll have to deal with Adam wanting to roast one of my goats.... lol :) always goes for the nubians to and they cost way too much to roast. I think I'd rather deal with that teasing then with the bratty kids. lol
  14. cmharris6002

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    We are having a big dinner here. We did a bourbon brine turkey recipe this year, everything else is just about ready. My family LOVES to cook and eat together :D

  15. Sheryl

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    have a good day.
  16. Caprine Beings

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    Happy Thankgiving Vicki! Tammy
  17. Madfarmer

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    Bah, Humbug! I came out of a convulsive hypoglycemic episode with Steve trying to hold me down so he could squirt a tube of sugar goo in my mouth. When I got stable, I felt like I'd been beaten with a club. Then blood-sugar went through the roof. So, no turkey, no pie, no stuffing--zerozipzilchnada. Spent the day under an electric blankie! Now I'm gonna go see what lefteovers he brought home from his Moms. I AM thankful I didn't croak, and that y'all had a scrumptious Thanksgiving :p

  18. Caprine Beings

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    Sorry to hear that Tom. Sure hope you feel better tomorrow. I know how those go. When I was a kid Mom made me eat peanuts after one of those episodes and it did help. I keep peanuts around now...always. Keep your chin up.Tammy
  19. goatkid

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    Happy Thanksgiving. Just hubby and me. My family all live out of state. I roasted a small turkey, made wild rice dressing, homemade cranberry sauce, yams and potatoes, corn and pumpkin pie. Kathie
  20. Happy Thanksgiving!

    No dinner for us today. Family dinner (s) will be Saturday, along with birthday celebration.

    I told him she wouldn't last much more than 24 hours, Stacy...lol