Happy ending!

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    the little LaMancha (mini mancha sized) that I almost lost this week, who had gotten so sick, was doing much better today, I put her back out in pasture with the other does. After dinner heard her yelling a bit, checked her, and she looked ready to deliver soon.

    Put her up in the stall and in almost no time she broke water and thats the first time I have ever seen goat meconium. I assume thats what it was...pretty funky looking. Figured that wasnt a good sign.

    She delivered a HUGE (for her) live buckling. DH had to pull like crazy, this one really scared me. Thought he'd never get the head out. If he hadnt been there, I'd have been up a creek trying to do it alone. Our friends were there too, so it was great support and help. Hated them to see such a tough delivery as the first one they watched!

    Mom and baby doing just fine. :) He was up and eating within the hour. I swear he looks like he's a week old. Pretty little beige Numancha with long Nubian ears and some darker beige spots.

    And thats the last one for me this year! I'm glad and little sad at the same time...kinda like the day after Christmas....
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    Congratulations. I'm glad your doe is doing better and that she and the kid pulled through the delivery. Kathie

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    Good going. I have found that 2 people around when a doe is in trouble don't hurt a thing either.....chances are at least one of you will keep your head screwed on right. :crazy

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    :biggrin Congrats on the new baby and I bet mom would like a little prep H for the hinney too...bet its swollen.... Congrats again!
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    Congratulations Kinda wish I was in your spot but am just starting and have a lot to go.