Hali Just Kidded!

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    I went to check on her, quite late I might add, while it was between downpours, and she was just a little puffy. I didn't think she was anywhere near thinking about having babies. So I brought out grain and hay and went to go milk the cow.

    While I was milking the cow I heard babies!! After I was done milking, I went out and found two babies! I moved her to a stall by herself so the rest of the peanut gallery would leave her and babies alone. But I didn't get a chance to check to see what they were (boys or girls). I had some things to do inside, so I'm going back out in a bit to give the babies Nutridrench and mama some Manna and grain.

    I wanted to bring her out water with molasses, but I have no molasses left. Can I use honey instead?

    Gahd, I'm so excited!! My first babies!! :biggrin

    They're boys!! I'll try to upload pictures soon. Unfortunately, the boys came a little while before my classes started and I didn't have time for anything. Tomorrow I'll have more time.

    But they have brown loose stool. A friend said that's normal and not to do anything. I thought I read somewhere that they should be passing white/creamy stool? Or is this the meconium? I thought meconium was black? I'm not with them too much but I've seen them both get milk, and they're sleeping right now. I know they've been walking around though, because I find them in different sleeping places.
    Should I do anything about their loose stool? or wait?

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    Karo syrup and water will do.

    Congrats on the kids. It's so exciting. :biggrin :crazy :crazy

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    Congratulations. Just give mom some warm water and a squirt of the Nutradrench It contains molasses. Personally, I rarely give molasses water to my does after kidding. I bring them a bucket of water and some grain. Kathie
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    wouldn't use honey just some karo and I don't use nutradrench on newborns either.