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Hi friends! I have been dealing with skin issues with one particular goat. We have three ND goats all are just about 1 year old. At first it started with hair loss on all three noses. After a vet visit and research we switched minerals, added replamin gel once a week, got a Bose shot changed their wire feeder to a bag and added goat skin and coat and a copper bolus Two girls grew their nose hair back but our smaller one got worse. After another vet visit she thought overdosing on minerals so we discontinued the replamin for her, added kelp, and a scoop of alfalfa pellets a day for all three. Our smaller one began to slowly have baby hairs back in her nose but still such bald ears. Over the past few weeks I have looked at her closely and noticed a MAJOR dandruff problem! New bald spots on her legs, around her bum and shoulders. After back to the books of thinking what the heck we did a round of ivermectin for all three girls for possible mites. I do not see any cues as to mites just only dandruff but couldn’t hurt to try. It has since been another few weeks and her hair loss is even more extreme! I know some of our girls are losing their winter coats but I’m just not sure if that is what she is going through or if it’s something else. I brush her often just to try and get rid of some of the hair just clumping on her but today was the worst I’ve seen her with dandruff and hair loss on her back. I am at a loss of what to do next and am going to seek a second vet opinion but wanted to try and hear if any have ideas or suggestions here! It has been just about 4-5 months of trying to figure something out for her. She is our runt, at 20 ish pounds is our 4H girl and we just want to figure out how to keep her healthy and happy! She acts totally normal runs jumps grazes cuddles plays with her sisters has never acted sick but the hair issues I am just determined to figure out. Here are some pictures!
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