Grrrrr What is wrong?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Ashley, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Ashley

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    Ok, I don't understand what is wrong with these stupid goats! Both of my nubians are in heat now (they both come in at the same time because they smelled the buck on the toggenburg when she came home from getting bred). They are smelling the buck, mounting the buck, rubbing the buck and headbutting the buck, but NOT breeding with it. I try and hold them and they go nuts when he actually tries to breed them. The wierd this is, this buck butts them in the behind sometimes, and I think this is why they won't let him back there? Is that normal? I'm just really ticked about it and about ready for a barbque and just sit and wait until I get a buck from Vicki. I could probably handle it because I can get my "kid fix" from the toggenburg and lamancha.

    *Sigh* I guess we will see if things are better in the morning. We managed to get the doe's tail wet, but that's it I believe.

    Maybe they aren't quite ready? They sure act like they are otherwise.

    Can you tell I've been out in the dark and cold wrestling goats? Some of them want to eat the flashlight (you know, the one that the battery is dying on), and some of them want to ram me through the fence and some of them just wanting to fight with eachother, but nobody seems to be able to get the breeding thing down. I hope they just act differently when I'm not around. :crazy
  2. Chaty

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    Maybe they will be ready tomorrow as some arent in standing heat till the next day. Mine will tease the buck and not let him do his stuff till the next day...hope this helps some...also have they been bred before like last month? They might be bred just wanting to see what you will do...I have some bred does that act like they are in heat when they arent...

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    Ashley, bless your heart. And I think I have that same flashlight! Try them again in the morning, perhaps they will be further along in there cycles and be in standing heat. Then try them again a few hours later and again in the evening. Mine drive me crazy too. They each get several dates with the buck and finally I get the timing right...hopefully :/