Grown Kids Still Nursing Their Mom

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    I only have one pen, and really don't have a set up (yet) for separating my two doe kids from their mom. They are over a year old now, and still nurse periodically. How can I stop them? I've tried putting iodine, and even cedar oil spray, to try to make her nipples taste nasty, but they still nurse. I'm having them all bred late September, so I really want her dried out by then. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :0)
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    Make sure your kids are getting plenty of calcium and calories. And at least try to separate them at night, so the doe has the energy to fight them off during the day.

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    Kids still nursing mom.

    The only way is to separate them. I have owned cows for lots of years and the only sure way to wean the calf is to separate them. Same thing with goats. So to do so you are going to have to rent a lot for them or a friend who can keep them for a few months or build fencing. Nothing else is really going to work. Sorry:(
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    Try to put up a "shelter" like wood