Grain cost are through the roof

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    "Heh Leo- can you grow grain without farm equipment or kids for slave labor???
    what I mean is do you plan to harvest and store it or just turn them into it periodically when it is ready?"

    Hi Lee,
    I do everything by hand and my son tends to eat more grain than he plants, ;) so I just have one acre planted for the goats to eat periodically and I've planted some more to harvest and store. I know it's not much, but it's better than nothing. :D

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    The scam part of ethanol is that it costs more to make it and emits more carbon than processing and driving on regular oil. Research is funded obliquely so who knows who is supporting what set of FACTS. We need to invest in newer refineries but can't afford that.
    Ethanol is not the answer. There are "facts" from every perspective and I totally understand working hard to make sure your labor pays off but the research releases I have read on the internet conclude that ethanol is doing more damage than good not even accounting for the peripheral damages of food price hikes and actual shortages threatening food availability world wide.

    The price of corn is up 55% to the farmer and the end stock of US corn is down by the same percentage. The price increase by the end of 2008 could be as much as 125% over 2006 prices.

    By laying it at the feet of wall street I was not particularly referring to feed stocks but more to currency manipulation and subsidized borrowing since we were discussing the devaluation of the dollar. Still there is blame for sure at the feet of the greedy commodity speculators as well. Congress gets it's share as well for the mandate to raise production of ethanol AND allowing a subsidy from our tax revenues to support ethanol production at 51 cents per gallon!!! YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.

    It costs money to produce store transport mix ethanol and more importantly a special grade of oil must be refined SPECIFALLY to blend with ethanol which costs more to produce than unblended. There are studies from carmakers saying that blended gasolines reduce engine efficiency and release 30 percent LESS energy than gas derived from oil. It also costs to build new stations to dispense = the estimated cost of production of a gallon of E85 is well over 6.00 if you take into consideration in ALL the costs.
    That is a scam and a joke on the public who has no time to reseach these things that happen out the their daily realm.

    With the mileage drop from using E85 as high as 35% you will actually be using MORE fuel to go fewer miles- that is a scam to pile on the scam of withholding fuel efficient engines that European nations have been driving for years.

    Certainly there is blame enough for all - including most of us with wasteful practices developed over decades of abundance.

    How in the world could anyone who has worked with and paid attention to commodity prices not know that pulling acreages out of other kinds of production and concentrating on corn (and selling most of that precontracted to conglomerates) would adversely affect all other grains prices! For the consumer only of course.

    Ethanol is NOT the answer. It is a media enhanced romance that is costing the entire world. Is fuel more important than eating? There are many far better ways to increase fuel efficiency and decrease use.

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    Let me apologize to everyone for that off topic post. Well Rant would be a better name.
    After I posted I kept thinking how uncouth of me to put all that political trash in the middle of such a wonderful informative useful site focused on the animals we all love.

    I do regret my outburst and promise to stay ON TOPIC from now on.
    I apprecaite all of you!
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    You have enough posts now Lee to rant on OFF TOPIC if you like :) I am too busy to rant with you, 3 sick grandkids I somehow get to watch! My daughters know March and April are crazy for me, being a granny is worse than a mother at times. Vicki